How did culture change between 1,000,000 years ago and 10,000 years ago?
B. People adapted to new environments and developed new tools.
The best explanation for the change in world population between 10,000 years ago and 7,000 years ago is the development of ?
C. better means of food production
Most historians agree with which theory explaining early human migration ?
C. Humanity began in East Africa and spread to the rest of the world.
Which of the following would be the most important factor determining a "favorable location" in the evolution of a village into a city?
D. a predictable supply of drinking water
A major difference between a village and a city in Neolithic times was ?
A. cities possessed greater specialization of labor
Which feature was most important in the complex societies of the Neolithic times?
D. specialization of labor
This pestle for mashing taro found in Papua, New Guinea, and believed to be 8,000 years old indicates that the people in the region had ?
B. lived nomadic lives
The creation of this pestle indicates that the people who made it had which form of technology?
D. farming implements
The two excerpts above best support which conclusion?
A. rulers wanted to create order in growing cities
Which explains why the second excerpt is more harsh than the first?
C. the growth and complexity of civilization
Which statement can best be concluded from the two excerpts above?
D. Mesopotamian society was socially stratified
A historian examining the statues from the Olmec and the Easter Island civilizations above would have the most evidence to support which of the following conclusions?
B. Both civilizations chose to honor key people, ancestors, or gods.
Which conclusion about the period 8000 B.C.E. to 600 B.C.E is most directly supported by the images above?
D. Elaborate artistic expression suggests a surplus of agricultural labor
Which statement identifies the clearest difference between the two civilizations represented in the images above?
B. The language, beliefs, art, and athletics of the Olmec influenced later civilizations in Mesoamerica, while the people of Easter Island had limited influence on other civilizations due to their isolation.
Which conclusion is best supported by the passage above?
A. Religious authorities wielded great control over the Sumerian economy.
Compared to the development of the Sumerian civilization as described in the passage above, the Chavin civilization (located in modern-day Peru) ?
D. had a much weaker political system
Socrates is most critical of the Athenian government because he thinks it ?
B. expects all people to be just alike
Which type of government would Socrates have most likely supported?
C. a monarchy ruled by an educated and rational "philosopher-king"
Why was the system described by Socrates not a true democracy?
A. The system was patriarchal, allowing only free males to participate in the democracy.
These Greek-style clothing shown in these sculptures best supports which of the following interpretations?
A. Alexander the Great spread Hellenistic culture to South and Central Asia
The sculptures are examples of syncretism because they show ?
B. elements of different cultures coming together
In which civilization was local autonomy most prized?
D. Rome
Which similarity between Greece and Rome is shown in this chart?
B. Both gave citizens a role in choosing the government
Which best describes the relationship between religion and government most clearly?
C. China separated them more than did the other civilizations listed
The route most clearly showing an interregional movement is the one ?
A. showing the movement of wine from Spain
Which statement provides context for understanding Roman trade as shown in the map above?
D. Rome's location near the Mediterranean Sea made trade with many regions easier.
Which statement most accurately describes the relationship between Rome's imports and exports?
C. Rome imported both raw goods and finished goods.
Which statement best reflects the attitude of the Roman government toward religion?
A. It was tolerant of religions that supported their government
One "serious handicap" under which Christianity developed, described in the passage, was ?
C. The Roman demand that Jews worship their emperor as a god