Pope Alexander VI drew up the Line of Demarcation (AKA Treaty of Tordesillas) which dived the world between which two countries?
Territory west of the line would belong to Spain and the territory east of the line would belong to Portugal.
Identify Mission
Religious Settlement
Identify Villa
Civilian Settlement
Identify Pesidio
Military Settlement
List and explain the Spanish Social Classes in the New World
Pennsulares, Criolles, Mestizo, Mulattoes, Indian, African, Zambo
Spanish born in Europe
Spanish born in New World
Mix Spanish and Indian
Mix Spanish and African
Mix Indian and African
Where were the two Viceroy's located?
Lima, Peru and Mexico City, Mexico.
What new animals were introduced to the New World?
Cattle (cow), sheep, pigs, chickens, and horses.
Which animal was "given" to Europe?
Which group didn't make good slaves because of rebellion, escapes or disease?
American Indians
Who replaced the American Indians?
The Africans
What was the goal of the Catholic Church?
To convert Indians to Christianity
How did the new riches hurt Spain? (Galleons- huge, slow, heavily armed ships)
The flow of silver causing inflation throughout Europe which caused Spain to fail to develop their own industry.
Which neighboring country was united with Spain for 60 years?
Who was the first seadog?
British Privateer
One of the most successful sea dogs and was the second man to circle the world. He attacked the west coast of South America. The name of the ship was The Golden Hine. The Queen of England knighted him. The King of England was mad.
What was the goal of the Spanish Armada?
To invade England
What contributed to the Spanish defeat?
The speed of England's small ships, a major storm, (The hell burner)-a secret weapon that the British had-(large well-armed ships, ships with explosives and weapons.)
Who became the "Mistress of the Seas"?
Who was lost at sea trying to establish the first British colony?
Sir Humphrey Gilbert
Who established Roanoke, NC?
What happened in Roanoke, NC?
Everyone disappeared
Which two countries received a charter?
Plymouth and London
When people bought stock in a company sharing risks and profits it was called?
Joint Stock Company
The first permanent British colony was at?
Who took over with the rule "No work, no food."?
John Smith
Who introduced tobacco to Virginia?
John Rolfe (British)
Virginia's lawmaking body
House of Burgessess
Virginia became what after the Charter was revoked?
Royal Colony
Accepted Theory
Crossed the Baring Strait from Siberia to Alaska
What happened to the water level when glaciers hit?
Indian Civilization
Highly advanced culture
Central America, Yucatan Peninsula (Rain Forest). Great cities with massive buildings and temples, had a writing and number system (created concept of zero), created a more precise calender, peaked 500 years before Columbus.
Peru in Andes Mountains. (Cuzco- capital). Engineers had roads, bridges, terraced fields, and irrigation systems. Farmers domesticated llamas and alpacas, did some mining of gold and silver, rigid social structure (ruler "Sun God", Nobles- priest, generals, high officials, everyone else)
Mexico. Hunters at first, some farming then "borrowed", created well trained armies conquered Central America, gathered great wealth, created large cities, very harsh rulers, religion based on human sacrifice.
"Holy Wars" occurred at the end of the Dark Ages
Who sent out explorers?
Spain, England, France, and Portugal
Prince Henry
"The Navigator" of Portugal