What year is it? (Beginning of book)
Where is it taking place?
Daly City, California
What is his breakfast?
Leftovers from his brother's cereal bowls.
Why are his teeth chipped?
From being slammed against the kitchen tile counter top.
What grade is he in?
Fifth grade
How many brothers does he have?
What is his father's name and profesison?
Stephen Joseph; fireman
What is his mother's name?
Catherine Roerva
What are his brother's names?
Ronald and Stan
Does David's family seem normal?
Catherine started _____ a lot.
What were his first two punishments?
The "mirror treatment" and the "corner treatment".
How could David tell if it was going to be a good day or a bad day?
By the way his mother dressed.
She also began to _____ David.
What happened to his arm?
His mom was hitting him and he popped his shoulder out of place.
How did she explain it?
He fell off of the top bunk.
He was banned from what?
Watching television.
What happened with the stove?
His mother forced him to hold his arm in the flame.
For the first time David decided what?
He would survive.
He started stealing what?
David was no longer what?
A member of the family.
Did his father help him?
His mother became more like a ______.
How did she trick the principal?
She brought the new baby and said David was making up stories for attention.
What was the diaper incident?
His mom tried to make him eat the diaper and when he wouldn't, she rubbed it all over his face.
How did he get to school?
He would run to school.
What was the "leftover pork" incident?
He ate some pork his mother let spoil and then threw away knowing he would eat it.
What did she make him eat?
The hot dogs he had vomited.
Why didn't his father help him?
His mother wouldn't allow it.
Who did David hate more at that time?
His father.
Where does he sleep?
Under the table on some newspaper.
What would the ammonia do to him?
It would create a bubble and he couldn't breathe.
What made him feel like a king?
He would steal morsels of food from the garage freezer.