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Part-time Jobs For Students: A Good Idea

Part-time Jobs for Students: A Good IdeaI, being employed with a part-time job, truly do believe that there is no wrong in having a part-time job while being a student….

A Good Idea

A Good IdeaI have lost my faith. At times I even call myself an atheist. I do not believe in god and have not since just recently. My mother was…

Why Credit Cards Are Not a Good Idea

The problem with the credit card industry isn’t Just credit card companies it’s the people that use credit cards too. A lot of people apply for credit cards because they…

Nyerere Education Idea and It Aplication

Accepted 26 March, 2009 The question of relevance regarding education in human society is perennial. In the developing countries, education is considered to be a panacea for development. In Kenya,…

My idea computer system

It will have two 6 KGB invalid Quad 6000, Quad monitor EDP and 2 DVD tit Invalid tests Kick computing processor to take the load off of the main CPU….

Is Electronic Medications a Good Idea?

Medication errors are reaching dangerous levels in Long Term Care Facilities and technology can help to alleviate this problem. Is there a better and more effective way of charting medications…

India: Idea of Partition of Subcontinent

**** The idea of partition of Sub-Continent was now something originated by the Muslims alone. * Muslims, British and Hindus all contributed to the division of India. * John Bright…

Is an Omnipotent God a Coherent Idea

The idea of God being omnipotent is a central, or vital, part of the core beliefs of the main monotheistic religions of the world today: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Contemporary…

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