Nowadays, technologies are very advanced and sophisticated. Many people are having the advance electronic devices like I phone, laptop, I pad and many more to surf the net. Even a child also have an electronic device on their hands to play games or looking for some information. They often use it whenever and wherever they go.

Although internet is very beneficial, but I strongly disagree that exposure to the internet at an early age is a good idea because child will spend all their time with the internet and bad content in the internet may influence their mind.In this modern era, in most of the families, the parents are working. Many children will spend more time in internet because they got no one to communicate with and internet is the only thing that can relieve their bored. Children will take their time to play the online games, watch movie, listening to songs, online chatting with friends ND many more activities that can do with the internet. In this case, children often will ignore their studies.They Just keep spending their time In the Internet.

Thus, exposure to the internet in the early age like children is not good because their will spend all their time in the Internet. Another reason why I disagree Is because bad content In the Internet may Influence children mind. In our lives, we need some entertainment to relieve our bored. Most of the children will use their electronic device to relieve their bored such as surfing internet and many.

Some of the children will exposure to the Inappropriate network. Examples of bad contents are pornography, violent video games and others. Children are still young and they do not know how to differentiate what Is good or bad. If their parents did not teach them how to value the Information from Internet, then children will get Influence from It. Thus, children In the early age are not encouraged to exposure Internet because they do not know to value a...