Wii Sports Versus Real Life Sports Real life sports and Wii Sports the video game have many similarities and differences to be considered when letting children choose which one they want to play. When children are not able to play real life sports because of weather or illnesses, Wii Sports can be a good, temporary alternative.

Encouraging children to get exercise any way possible will make them healthier. It is also a must for children to have one-on-one interaction with other people. There are also dangers to be considered when playing either kind of game.Taking into consideration all the differences when choosing which one of these games to play at what time can make fun for all and possibly many other benefits. The difference in exercise can differ greatly between Wii Sports and real life sports. Studies have shown that real life sports burns more calories.

This is mainly because real life sports require more movement of the body. Players have to bend, twist, jump, throw, and many other movements. The more movements a player has to make, the better the cardio, which burns calories. When playing real life sports, the players also have more constant movement.

Wii Sports requires the players to be in one place. Players have to stay in front of the sensor bar so that their movements are detected. Wii Boxing produces the best workout of all the Wii Sports games. It doesn’t take much movement to move the avatar, though.

This is much less physical activity, which burns fewer calories. A player can get a decent workout when playing Wii Sports. If a player moves around a bunch when playing Wii Sports, he or she can burn more calories. Wii Sports does prove to be beneficial to people with physical weaknesses.It is a very good way for people with these problems and illnesses to get exercise outside of their therapy sessions.

Wii Sports, though, does not give children the daily activity required to keep them healthy. It can be easier to grab the Wii remote and play than it is to go outside and play real life sports. The amount of interaction between players differs when playing both Wii Sports and real life sports. All of the Wii Sports games can be played with one person. If a player chooses to play alone, the computer will play in place of another player.

Most all real life sports require several people playing.Real life sports require much teamwork. Players all have to work together to have a successful game and a win. The more players that are playing a game, the greater the chance for friendships to form. Both real life sports and Wii Sports take concentration.

It can take more concentration to use the Wii remote, though. The Wii remote has several buttons on it that need to be used to play the games. Some games use only one or two buttons, while other games need all of the buttons to be used. Both also require coordination. It can take more coordination to play real life sports because the player has to move his or her whole bodies.The rewards the players get when playing Wii Sports and real life sports are very different, but they all can make the players want to keep playing.

Many times teams will go out to eat or have parties when the season is over or to celebrate a big win. Players also get trophies and mementos to remember that they played. Real life sports also have the reward of making friends. This can lead to lifelong friendships. Parents can show their children the trophies and pictures from when they were young to encourage them to play real life sports.Wii Sports rewards the players with points to get to the next level of play.

The higher the level, the harder the game gets. Wii Sports also tracks the players’ progress and points so that they can see how well they have done. Playing real life sports can be more dangerous than playing Wii Sports, or any video game for that matter. Whenever sports are played outside, there is the risk of weather.

Most real life sports that are played out of doors are played rain or shine, even in snow. Playing in the cold and wet conditions will cause the players to get sick with simple colds to the flu, and even pneumonia.Playing when it is very hot can cause players to overheat and sometimes pass out from heat exhaustion. The heat can also cause more severe problems with the heart and lungs. Staying inside and playing Wii Sports on bad weather or extremely hot days will prevent these problems.

There is also more physical contact in playing real life sports compared to playing Wii Sports. With more physical contact there is more risk of injury. Generally, just playing real life sports will leave the players sore, but there also can be more serious injuries.Real life sports require running, jumping, kicking, throwing, and blocking.

All of these can make the players bump and run into each other. Players can also get hit with balls, bats, and other equipment used in playing real life sports. It is also more likely to fall down when playing real life sports compared to playing Wii Sports. Bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, even broken bones and concussions are very common when playing real life sports. If the players get into playing Wii Sports they can be left a bit sore and maybe even fall down.Players in real life sports, though, have the tendencies to get mad at each other and start fights.

This leads to even more injuries. When players get mad at each other playing Wii Sports, they can just stop playing. In real life sports, the game must go on. Playing both real life sports and Wii Sports the video game can have their benefits. Playing Wii Sports is fun and can be good interaction with friends.

It can also give a small amount of exercise. Anyone who plays real life sports will get a good workout and great one-on-one contact with many other players.Basically, the benefits outweigh the risks of playing real life sports. Playing Wii Sports can be a good substitute once in a while, but parents shouldn’t let their children play it in place of real life sports. Everyone needs exercise and going outside is easy and probably the best way to get it. Parents should always encourage their children to play real life sports.

Playing real life sports will leave the children with an experience they will remember and mostly cherish their whole life. This experience also can be passed on to generation after generation.