Week 6 Individual Project Introduction A new innovative warehouse system it is been introduced to ease the movement of items in warehouses this system includes autonomous mobile vehicles which will move quickly through the warehouse and load and move orders to the fulfilment platform. An entrepreneur, Dr Ryan O'Neal, and an investor, Jeff Hoffman investing $12 million in this project as a startup capital, Dr O'Neal have a good deal of experience in mobile robotics while Jeff Hoffman is an investor with a rich experience in warehouse management, supply chain management, and fulfillment technologies.

As mentioned PMBOK Guide that usually project initiated to achieve organization strategy plans like market demands, business opportunities, technological advancements and customer requests (PMBOK 2008 p. 10) Mission of statement: Sturata Inc. mission is to be the market leader in making innovative operating systems in production warehouses. That will enable our client’s quality production and profitability. And also to concentrate on delivering the best advanced innovative technology with a vision of building up a relationship between humans and machine through our systems and technology. Company goals:

With rapid pace of technology business our company Sturata Inc. vision is to be engaged in cooperated global research and building up networks for the development of global markets. Our employees are our main assets to achieve our goals therefore collaborated culture is designed to encourage, develop and enhance their creative ideas to cope up with the fast changing technology business. Company Objectives: The project objective is to launch the product within 10 months from the start of the project. To fulfil the requirement of committed customers in the U. S. in order secure future venture funding. Company philosophy:

Our plan to create learning environment to embrace our values and diversity at Sturata Inc. have clear goals and objectives to everybody and encourage collaboration and cooperation among the team members in order to engage them to achieve company goals and objectives. Project Statement To create the start-up company for production and installing autonomous mobile vehicles within 10 months from the start date and the required production operation at a rate of 50 units per week . Company name: Sturata Inc. Company business: Manufacturing and supplier of autonomous mobile vehicles. Company type: joint venture.

Company organization structure: functional organization structure. Company location: Vermont, USA Sturata Inc. Company will be setup in Vermont, USA. The initial market for the new company will be inside the United States after that there is an idea of opening a production centre in China. Organization structure: The purpose of the Staffing (resource) management plan is to know and determine the required resources types and quantity for the project (Sanghera, 2010). 1. President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Jeff Hoffman strong background in warehouse management, supply chain management. 2.

Vice president, engineering and the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Dr Ryan O'Neal is an expert in mobile robotics 3. Project manager COO (Chief Operating Officer) YNJ has experience in managing projects under different organisational structures as functional, matrix and projectized structures. 4. CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Vacant. 5. VP, Administration. Miss Yamaguchi has earlier experience of setting up two start-ups in cross-cultural configurations. 6. Design and development team which will be contracted through small company called Ryoichi in Tokyo, Japan will be responsible for the design of the autonomous vehicles. . Human resources department. 8. Safety health and environment department 9. Technical and designing department taking care of the quality issues too. 10. Assembling team 11. Finance department 12. Administration and legal department 13. Logistics department 14. Marketing department As stated in PMBOK Guide that "organizational structure is an enterprise environmental factor which can affect the availability of resources and influence how projects are conducted" (PMBOK 2008 p. 8) so it is vital process in the beginning of any project to build up the right organization structure. I’d rather used projectized structures because such organization supports the direction of this project as indicated by Meredith, J. R. ; Mantel, Jr. , S. J. (2009) that project oriented organization supports the need of fast respond to market, new product development and the confidence of stakeholders in their understanding of their roles , responsibility and the activity control within the organization. In order to integrated the Ryoichi employees into Sturata Inc. rganization two things very important need to be communicated to the team as mentioned by A ; C Black (2007)  * 1st the purpose and the objectives of the team need to be clearly defined and adopted by all team members. * 2nd functions tasks and role of each individual need to be agreed and made clear to him. Sharing the objectives of the company and clarifying the roles and responsibilities for the new team members as a project manager will build up trust between you and the team manages expectations and help in communications too. Schedule 1.

Phase 1) Research, Design and Development 2. Phase 2) Production. And production will lag during the first phase. 3. The product needs to be extensively tested in a live warehouse environment before it can be rolled out to the customer sites. 4. The project team needs to be assembled. So employment of project staff needs to start quickly and as soon as they get hired they should start contributing to project work. 5. 1,000 staff-months. will be needed for technical and engineering work. 6. Supply chain management set up should be in place by the end of Phase A.

Change ; Risk Management In rapid changing business environment is important to set up a system to control all kind of changes that could happen in the project, Baca indicated that there are three different elements related to change management 1st the authority level of the project manager 2nd setting up environment among the project team to accept and know how to deal with change 3rd setting up a change control system involves tracking the change request and how handle all kind of conflicts related to it.. (Baca, C. 2005). Unresolved conflicts can be destructive” as stated by A. ; C. Black. So in order to resolve the conflict between Jeff Hoffman and Dr. O'Neal about Ryoichi first not to personalize the subject, clarify the issue and make the necessary investigation to find the root cause and then make your action plan forward to resolve the conflict. (A & C Black 2007) One of the risks that involved in such project is stress therefor project manager should manage team stress as stated in Emerald Insight Staff. (2005) “A practical three-step process for managing workplace stress is: 1.

Assess the workplace for factors that contribute to harmful stress. 2. Implement stress. Stress management measures to reduce workplace 3. Monitor the progress and implement adjustments as appropriate. (Cal/OSHA, 1998)” PM has to deal with his stress and his team stress as above mentioned in order not to let it affect his and theirs performance which will lead to project disturbance. Communication plan: In order to manage the project and the team successfully a communication plan should be set to ease the flow of information among the project team members as indicated by A. amp; C. Black “in your role as team leader it is your responsibility to get everyone pulling in the same direction “and this can happen when you set some elements like free flow of information, open communication, frequent feedback, meetings and building up a listening culture. (A & C Black 2007) Below is sample of communications styles and frequency should be used throughout the project. Stakeholder| Communication style| Frequency| Owners and Sponsor| Progress reports: email| Daily|

Sponsor, client and project team| Product reviews meeting| Scheduled | Sponsor, client and project team| Questions/answers: email and cell phone| when needed| Sponsor, client and project team| Progress reports: email| Weekly| Quality plan Product needs to be extensively tested in a live warehouse environment before it can be rolled out to the customers so a well-defined quality plan needs to be established it is important for the company reputation not to hand over bad quality product as stated by Wysocki "A sound quality management program with processes in place that monitor the work in a project is a good investment.

Not only does it contribute to client satisfaction, it helps organizations use their resources more effectively and efficiently by reducing waste and revisions" (Wysocki, 2009 p. 10) Conclusion It is very important to set the right processes and clear out company strategies in order to support smooth operation of the company. as such industry are accompanied with continues changes so setting up management and change processes is crucial to the success of the project. References:- * Project Management Institute. 2008) a guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK® guide). 4th Ed * Sangerah, P. (2010) PMP in Depth: Project Management Professional Study Guide for the PMP Exam: 2nd Edn. Boston:Course Technology * Wysocki, R. K. (2009) Effective Project Management –Traditional, Agile, Extreme. 5th Edn. Indianapolis: Wiley Publishing Inc. * Meredith & Mantel, J. R. & Mantel, S. J. Jr. (2009) Project management: A managerial approach. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons. * Baca, Claudia. 2005 Project Manager's Spotlight on Change Management.

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