In the society that we live in today, having a diverse background it is important for us to learn from others.

People coming from different places tend to teach you a lot of stuff. Living in England where there are people all over the world, one can learn a lot because there are so many people of various cultures around us.I am of an Indian background but Spanish from my mother's side and was living in Hong Kong before moving to the United Kingdom. This makes me from two different backgrounds considering that I am originally an Indian with my mother from Spain and I used to live in Hong Kong and now living in England.First being an Indian I can teach the community that where I come from religion is an important part of your life. Give importance to your religion and try to learn more & more about it because it is never enough.

Living in a family is considered very important because they are the ones who are by your side for ever and respecting your elders is what matters the most. Marriages are considered a bond between two families's not just among two individuals. The rituals are also as much important to us as our religion and we give ample time to perform them. Being an Indian doesn't mean that I need to look at other people who are of different background and curse them but to love them as my brothers and to help them in whatever way I can. With my second background that is from Spain, the culture is not much different from what the other European countries have.

But the Spanish culture does teach you to be punctual because in Spain people start their work on time, take ample amount of rest, give time to their families. This is something that I learned from my mother. Spanish people are very much fond of architecture because that brings a sort of inner peace. Having two diverse upbringings has given me the understanding of how different cultures can really be.

It is not difficult for me to adjust in a new environment. I am more tolerant towards adapting a new culture and to give something to it through my own distinct backgrounds.