This study is about how the University of Sheffield is advancing itself in the turning Syrian pupils market.

The involvement in the Syrian pupil market shown by the different universities in the UK is clearly turning. Although higher instruction in the UK is going a end for every bookman as it is known of high quality and ability of self-promotion, there are assorted complex factors that play an of import function in marketing higher instruction, particularly in an unstable market that is affected by so many variables in the universe.The University of Sheffield is seeking to understand these factors and variables in order to advance itself in such a promising market.

The company back land

sheffield-university-logo.jpgThe University of Sheffield is recognized as a top university across the board harmonizing to the 2010 virgin usher to British universities ( Sheffield University functionary web site, 2010 )The University of Sheffield was granted Royal Charter in 1905 and opened by King Edward VII, won four Queen 's Anniversary Prizes in 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2007 ( Sheffield university functionary web site, 2010 )It was the host of 5 Nobel Prize victors, and it is rated by 'the complete university usher ' as the 22nd university for the twelvemonth 2010. ( The complete university usher, 2010 )It is besides a member of the Russell group, The Russell Group represents 20 taking UK universities which are committed to keeping the really best research, an outstanding instruction and larning experience and matchless links with concern and the populace sector ( the Russell group, 2010 ) .

Recently, despite the fact that University of Sheffield is a really good known university worldwide, is seeking to spread out its repute and its market, with particular attending to the developing states, Arabic states in peculiar. The University of Sheffield has a long established relationship with Syria and it has been welcoming pupils for many decennaries ( Sheffield University functionary web site, 2010 )

The environment:

It is of import to see that using the theories of corporation selling onto this instance may non precisely be accurate or even applicable, because marketing higher instruction is non precisely similar to other merchandises. However, the possible benefits of using selling theories and constructs are bit by bit being recognized by research workers in the field of higher instruction selling ( Hemsley-Brown & A ; Oplatka, 2006 ) .Therefore, every squad should take the clip to analyze the factors that affect the selling scheme they choose to near their market, and may hold an impact the organisation and on that market, such factors are called: environmentWe can split the environment into micro and macro environment.

The macro environment:

The macro-environment is all the features of the market that affect any house seeking to come in this market.THE MACRO ENVIRONMENT includes `` the major forces that act non merely on the house itself, but besides on its rivals '' ( Blyth, J.

1998, pp.23 ) .Such factors are normally referred to as PEST factors, which are political, economical, societal, and technological.3.1.

1 Political:It is widely known that the political dealingss between Syria and the UK are unstable. Now things are altering, there 's more openness from both sides, particularly on the cultural degree, sing that the Syrian president and his married woman were both educated in the UK, they have more grasp of the British instruction system ( BBC intelligence, 2010 )3.1.2. Economic:Undoubtedly, the international pupil tuition fee ( which is about dual the place fee ) is an of import beginning of income to the state. However, this represents a job for the Syrian pupils, who are chiefly from the lower in-between category ( Nationmaster.

com, 2010 ) . Most Syrian pupils ca n't afford the disbursals of analyzing and populating in the UK.There are, nevertheless, sponsorship strategies by the Syrian authorities, for pupils to analyze in the UK, which includes the tuition fees and the life disbursals, and there are a few organisations that offer scholarships for the really extremely qualified faculty members, such as:Karim Rida Said foundation, Agha Khan foundation and Chevening, and of class with the aid of the British Council ( the British council/Syria, 2010 )However, the authorities prefers to patronize pupils to travel to the European states in favour of the low costs in add-on to the political dealingss which are moderately stable.3.1.3.

Sociable:Despite the economical factor, the Numberss of Syrian pupils using and coming to the UK to get higher instruction is increasing somewhat every twelvemonth ( Ireton, S. 2010 )Peoples are now more cognizant of the quality of British grade, which is now recognized in the Syrian society as really respectable and esteemed particularly if it is a grade of a extremely ranked university ( such as the University of Sheffield ) .It is besides noticeable that the figure of female appliers is high, even though Syria is a Moslem state in which females find it hard to get higher instruction in a foreign state.In this regard, the Syrian first lady has established a support board that helps immature Syrian misss by supplying support for them to analyze in the UK. ( Ali, S. 2010 )3.

1.4. Technology:Syria is seeking to remain up-to-date with the latest technological tendencies. However, there are still many people who are technologically illiterate, particularly that the instruction system in Syria is still paper based.Keeping in head that new course of studies for immature pupils in Syria do include intensive computing machine preparation, and the new coevalss are really promising to be extremely qualified technologically, which will let them to get by with any practical environment they may meet ( Ministry of instruction functionary web site ) .

The micro environment:

The micro-environment comprises of the elements of factors that affect the house and normally its industry, but which do non impact all houses in all industries ( Blythe, 2006 )Competition:`` An establishment which is non competitory will neglect to pull ample resources, good pupils or, so, the highest quality of staff.

It can so worsen in external prestigiousness and internal morale '' ( P.G.Moore, 1989, p.118 )The university of Sheffield is in the competition for higher rankings every twelvemonth. It is rated 10th in the UK, 28th in Europe, and 88th in the universe in an one-year academic ranking of the top 500 universities worldwide published in August 2010 by Shanghai Jiao Tong University ( University of Sheffield, 2010 )Sheffield University is chiefly competitory in the research country, so its chief rivals are the Universities of Manchester, Leeds and Southampton.

There 's besides tough competition with the University of Warwick for the best direction school, which is really appealing to the Syrian pupils.On the other manus, the university of Sheffield is non a portion of the ' capacity edifice understanding ' in which UK universities agree to give price reductions for the Syrian pupils in cooperation with the British council, and will non be before the twelvemonth 2013 ( Ireton, S. 2010 ) .However, the university does give automatic price reductions for the Syrian pupils of approximately 10 % of the tuition fees and could be more depending on virtue, which is about tantamount to the price reduction provided by other universities ( Ireton, S. 2010 )At the same clip, the university of Sheffield faces stiff competition from the universities in both France and Germany over the Syrian pupils and the authorities is patronizing more pupils to travel at that place, but at the same clip, it represents a challenge to larn a new linguistic communication instead than coming to the UK where they already have learnt English at schools, which in bend saves them clip and attempt.3.

2.2. Technology:The university has taken major stairss in the yesteryear to guarantee its advancement and maintaining up to day of the month with the latest technological tendenciesthe university has one of the taking research centres, one of which is the: The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre ( AMRC ) with Boeing which is a world-leading research Centre dedicated to developing advanced engineering solutions for advanced stuffs organizing ( Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, 2010 )It besides has a new atomic research centre for PhD pupils, and an temblor surveies which are really interesting for the Syrian pupils.Industry construction:It can be said that now that the political state of affairs is turning for the better ( Global Arab web, 2010 ) . The market is unfastened, and the University of Sheffield is one of the first Universities that have shown involvement in taking excess attention of this market.

Not to advert that the university is seeking to do its ain individuality in footings of the faculties that it teaches and the research opportunities it provides ( Ireton, S. 2010 )

The Marketing Mix:

The selling mix for a service corporation consists of 7 Ps and non merely 4 Ps which the other companies use as their selling mix.4.1. The merchandise:Is what the clients in the targeted market are looking forthe University offers higher instruction for scholarly oriented people, and provides a respectable grade from a extremely graded university that improves work chances, making a alone acquisition experience, with particular involvement in constructing research outlook, which is losing in the Syrian pupils, and has to be developed in order to confront the new age variables.Of class the university offers assorted undergraduate grades, but for the Syrian pupils, it is more common for them to complete their undergraduate grades in Syria and so go abroad to get higher instruction ( Ireton, S.

2010 )The monetary value:The station alumnus taught grades ' tuition fees vary between ?12,000-15,000.And the station alumnus research grades ' tuition fees vary between ?11,000-30,000 ( University of Sheffield functionary web site, 2010 )Compared to other extremely graded universities, it is non the most expensive, in add-on to the comparatively inexpensive life costs in the metropolis of Sheffield.Topographic point:Topographic point is concerned with all the jobs, maps and establishments involved in acquiring the merchandise or service to the mark market. ( D.

W. Cowell, ( 1993 ) , pp. 225 )There are merely 2 ways that it can make the targeted market in Syria, via cyberspace and through agents.The university has merely one agent in Syria: Educom international limited company ( University of Sheffield, 2010 ) .

Having an agent can be a kind of push publicity.The other manner to turn to the pupils in Syria is the web site, which the university is seeking to better every twenty-four hours.Promotion:Is the direct manner in which the organisation is efforts to pass on with the assorted mark audience. ( Blythe, J. 1998, pp.559 )The university 's publicity strategy for Syria is still non complete, for although the figure is increasing, it is still little, and is non cost-efficient yet.

However, the international office is supplying thoughts invariably to turn to the market in Syria. ( Ireton, S. 2010 )That is done via many channels:They are seeking to interact with Syrian pupils, even employ some of them in a attempt to better transition between applications and enrollment into the transition between bring forthing involvement and application and so enrollment, intending that they are seeking to bring forth involvement and promote people to use so registry, instead than merely encouraging appliers to register ( Ireton, S ) which we can state is based on the strong theory of making involvement, desire and so the action ( Jones, 1990 ) .4.4.1.

The international pupils ' office:Contact with prospective pupils is done in a manner that can be considered as direct selling.Visiting the state and making mini carnivals and presentations, in order to make involvement.Inquirers follow up: acquiring in touch on a regular basis with the inquirers, normally done by a Syrian pupils who can reply their inquiries in their linguistic communication, which breaks the linguistic communication barrier and make a sense of acquaintance and friendliness and trustHelping the inquirers through the application procedure.Personal merchandising: Sending electronic mails and newssheets on a regular basis, which are sometimes personal alongside directing booklets, information battalions and the international pupil usher.

4.4.2. The web site:There 's a specific page for each state turn toing its peculiar population.

For Syria there 's a particular page on the university web site that has all the information any interested pupil would necessitate, and it besides has profiles for current pupils and international office embassador from Syria with contact inside informations ( University of Sheffield / Syria page ) . In farther stairss, the university intends to interpret the university web site into Arabic, which can be more appealing ( Ireton, S. 2010 )the university is seeking to do it search-engine-sensitive so that it can be amongst the first consequences found when looking for certain words such as: top universities in UK, etcaˆ¦aˆ¦..

( Ireton, S. 2010 )The agents:When the agent trades with more than one university, he tends to be biased towards the university that pays the most, and he does n't hold the pupils ' best involvement at bosom, that 's why the university tries non to trust on agents for that intent ( Ireton, S. 2010 ) .Discounts:Or as it may be called: gross revenues publicity, the university provides automatic price reductions for Syrian pupils, which is about 10 % of the tuition fees for the self-funded pupils, and is increasable harmonizing to virtue, for high qualified pupils.Peoples:Education is a really personal service is being provided and the quality of the human suppliers is a cardinal parametric quantity ( Moore, P.

G. 1989 )The best people to supply the best instruction is extremely qualified staff i.e. professors, coachs and employees, all which pupils can happen in the University of Sheffield.Physical grounds:Is the topographic point where the service is delivered and the contact between the service supplier and client takes topographic point. In this instance the topographic point is the university campus, sections, and research centres, non to advert the pupils brotherhood which is ranked as the best pupils ' brotherhood for 2009 and the information parks which is at service 24/7 throughout the twelvemonth.

All of these topographic points are extremely equipped with all that a pupil may neProcedure:Is the procedure of presenting the service. The university provides an on-line application signifier.It besides provides on-line larning environment that creates a particular learning-teaching environment, with the ability to interact with the professor and/or coach.

Market cleavage, aiming and placement:

5.1. Cleavage:

`` Cleavage is trying to insulate the traits that distinguish a certain group of consumers from the overall market '' ( Boone & A ; Kurtz, 1999, pp.

230 ) this procedure is based on many factors:Age: for the Syrian market as mentioned earlier is the station alumnus pupils which are above 23 old ages old.Sexual activity: bothIncome: upper in-between category, upper category ( that can afford the survey and life costs in the UK ) and of class other pupils from different categories that are sponsored by the authorities and other support beginnings ( Ireton, S. 2010 ) .Psychographic: the people who are familiar with life abroad, go forthing the household for higher instruction.

Benefits sought:Geting a grade of higher instruction from a really respectable university, that will finally increase their work position.Peoples are possibly seeking a new experience and the opportunity to run into new people.


The university uses the concentrated selling, which is `` aiming on market section with one selling mix '' ( Wood, M. B. 2004, pp.

108 ) .The university pays a batch of attending to the market section it chooses, because holding good pupils saves the university 's repute and ranking. ( Ireton, S. 2010 )


`` The topographic point that the merchandise occupies in a given market, as perceived by the relevant group of clients ; that group is known as the mark section of the market '' ( Blythe, J.1998, pp.

64 )The university is set in a place of high quality instruction and research. Even though, the tuition fees are comparatively low, yet, it does non hold to be so low because that will impact the section that they are aiming.


It is an investing for Syria to direct pupils to the best non the cheapest, it is better for the pupils and for the state, for instruction is an national resource, wither if the pupils go back and Teach in Syrian universities and reassign the British ways of instruction, or even if they work in the gulf states, in which instance they will profit Syria with the money they make and with constructing the repute internationally. ( Ireton, S.

2010 )It is, finally, a affair of consciousness and affordability ( Ireton, S. 2010 ) . Once Syrian authorities realizes that investing, it will direct more and more Syrian pupils to the UK and people will see it more earnestly, irrespective of the costs, and the University of Sheffield will be the first finish because it is already constructing its repute.