* Imported Tractors: Australia, Japan, New Zealand * GDP per capita: Hong Kong, Australia, japan * Population: China, India, Indonesia * Number tractors in country: Japan, India, china * Agricultural Growth: China, South Korea, India Australia: 2/5 Japan: 3/5 New Zealand: 1/5 Hong Kong: 1/5 China:3/5 India: 3/5 Indonesia: 1/5 South Korea: 1/5 All of them. All 6 tables You need to calculate the initial score, weighting and the final score * Hard Copy 20% of total grade. * 20% attendance, 20% group project Characteristic: Big, High performance, and expensive ( very important to have some rational thinking why you would like to select it to be shipped to your specific country) * Recession started in 1947 to 2010 * Demand is lower, so they need to excess capacity and sell to the world * The target market in all Asian pacific * China and japan are the biggest industries in the world * India has the large population * Common wealth nations –Australia and New Zealand * Malaysia and Indonesia are a pair, both tropical * China and japan are a pair New Zealand and Australia are a pair * 5 factors: opportunity, type of the demand, trade, market sustainability, political (government, recession etc. ) and economic environment. Internal and external supply. Market consideration: * Tell about the population of the ten countries. Type of the demand, the tractor use (because some don’t even use tractors), Imported tractor ( some countries never import the tractors but use their own tractors)IMPORTANT, do they portray desire? Do they have money? , agricultural growth( some countries never grow on agriculture such as Hong Kong), GDP.

If they import tractor then they have a potential market. GDP, do you have money?? GDP per person. Consistent Growing or are they shrinking? Imported tractor is more imp than GDP, GDP is more important than agricultural growth then more important than tractor use. The least important is the population because they may not have to grow their own food but buy/import their foods. IMPORTED TRACTOR AND GDP MOST IMPORTANT! * 3 very important, 2 important, 1 is fairly important, . 5 less important, * Need to measure the weighted average mean *