I was born in Vietnam, a country whose over ninety five percent of its citizen follow Buddhism. My parents are Buddhist and therefore I was raised with the Buddhist perspective.

I’ve always been living with the core principle of Buddhism and I’m proud of it because not only does it show me how to have a life that can make an impact on others but also give my existence in this world meaningful. I believe each of us was is born with a destiny, which is like a book that has every detail of my life since the day I was given birth until the day I die and nothing or no one can change it. Each of them is unique so nobody has the same “book” as anybody else. Everyday, a page is turned in the book and everything happens exactly as “written” in the book.

When a leaf falls down from a tree, when the waves flood the shore, everything has already been decided. Secondly, I also believe that there’s no life after death. We are born, live and die. But there’re chances for people who live a good life, their soul will be reincarnated and will be given birth again. If I only have one chance to live, I want to make my life as memorable, as helpful to others as possible.

I give the best of me in whatever I do; I can go an extra mile in order to achieve my goal.Finally, family always comes first. They are the most important people to me. My parents gave birth to me; they take care of me, educate me to become a better person. Never in their lives have they hesitated to offer me the best no matter how hard they may have to work. I love, respect and also owe them my whole life.

I came to the U.S with the desire of gaining new knowledge in an American school. I started a whole new life in a Christian school without knowing anything about Christianity.I’ve been taught a lot about the God and his omnipotence. I’ve learned the Christian worldview is different from the Buddhist’s in many ways, but I reckon my belief shares a lot of similarities.

I’m not yet a Christian but I’ve been learning about it. I’m still going to Salem Academy Christian School, and keeping the routine of going to church, Sunday school, small group. I know that God’s out there but not yet believe in everything I’ve been taught. I hope my faith will grow and one day it will be enough that I will accept Christ as my personal savior.