Individual Project 3 1.A closed track race car pit crew can change tires, fill the gas tank, adjust the suspension, do minor body work, and tune the engine in 17 seconds; however, it can take up to 3 days for the same work to be done at a local garage or auto dealer. It is worth noting that all cars used for racing are always designed to operate fast and simple for maintenance. It is also evident that a similar crew is always expected to work or maintain a given car during its lifetime. This means that only the specialized and skilled crew can work on a given type of vehicle.

He or she is solely responible. The pit crew also has a calling to work only on one specific automobile. On the other hand, a renowned and well equipped auto body shop always needs to service and work on many cars at the same time. The pit crew is always ready to task with all conceivable parts that the racecar may ardently need, while the other dealer has to diagnose the problem, and go on to order for the required parts from other well established groups (James, 2012).The idea and concept of work cells brings in a big variance in the scenario.

The pit crew applies science expertise in dealing with this problem. This means they are well placed to handle the tasks at hand. They also bring in a lot of efficienncy in the working of the auto as the methods they apply are proven and tested. The other fact that they can spend a whole lifetime testing the race cars before releasing them makes their services certain (James, 2012).

Autos are extremely sensitive, and enough care needs to be accorded to them. Crews that are well skilled and professional at their work always tend to have an edge over others. They always apply the proven and tested methods in dealing with a given case. They also have enough experience in the field, having handled similar tasks. Their working base and capital are also an advantage. This makes them always stand out tall and hence gives them a large customer base.