Race refers to physical attributions that create a distinction of a group while ethnicity refers to the culture, religion, tradition and beliefs of a certain group that makes them distinct from the other groups of people (Waters, n.

d. ). Historically, there have three types of groups that are visible in the U. S.

society as early as the 15th to 16th century: the involuntary minorities (African American society), voluntary minorities (the Europeans), and the dominant white ethnic Americans.Each has different ways of being incorporated into the US society and polity (Waters, n. d. ).

Slavery started in America when the world market for sugar and tobacco started to develop. Africans were imported to be their slaves for the production of sugar and tobacco as well as to enhance the profits of slave owners. In 1619, a Dutch ship brought the first slaves to the shore of North America. Of all ethnic groups, African Americans were the only ones who weren’t actually willing to go to America.

Who would want to if they would be slaves?But now, as a product of some uprising and fights for their right, the African American race progressively gets the freedom and democratic right that they deserve (Andersen & Taylor, 2006) America today is continuously having immigrants from all parts of the world. While immigration added colors in the country’s history, it also caused a multitude of problems such as cultural differences, language barriers, inability of the immigrant to easily assimilate norms of the mainstream which created gaps, and hostilities between different minority groups.Moreover, it also causes economic and territorial problems in the country. As more and more immigrants arrive, there is no assurance that there will be enough steady employment for everyone.

Since America has been the center of advancement in many aspects for most people, they believe that moving in will give them a better life. Fifty years from now, I believe immigration will still increase even more as technology in the country improves more and more.As a preparation to the possibility of higher rate of immigration in the country, borders and immigration policies should be developed by the government. Let the government set possible maximum number of immigrants to be admitted. Be stricter in enforcing the policies and criteria.

We should consider the capacity of the country to accommodate those who wanted to live in our country to avoid further conflicts in the future due to overcrowding.