This article "Body Ritual Among the Nacirema" is a parody on the United States of America and the general public that has created. "Nacirema" spelled backward uncovers "American" and spots the viewpoint of the peruser as though one were exploring a local society that depends on a crude arrangement of ceremonies and practices. Horace Miner in his article is endeavoring to depict a culture and society that is situated "in the domain between the Canadian Creel the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico, and the Carib and Arawak of the Antilles"(1956).

The way of life of the Nacimera's is controlled and to a great extent sorted out by an exceedingly created showcase economy, and that is saturated with custom that rotates around the human body. The principle routine with regards to the Nacirema social customs depends on the introduce that the human body is "terrible and that its normal propensity is to debility and infection". From here, Miner starts to depict the demonstrations of custom and function that the majority of the Nacirema hone on their every day lives. Two or three illustrations incorporate the utilization of charms and enchantment mixtures that are generally arranged by baffling professionals called "drug men". This is without a doubt alluding to the substantial dependence that Americans have on pharmaceuticals that are endorsed by proficient "specialists".

Digger proceeds with his depiction by sketching out the pharmaceutical men's' sanctuary called the "latipso" in which wiped out individuals must go to and are committed to pay a tribute in type of a blessing to the "overseer". While at the "latipso", the Nacirema are liable to poor treatment and mistakes from their pharmaceutical men; yet keep up outright confidence in solution men's' capacity to cure them from affliction. This is an extremely adept depiction of the American doctor's facility and social insurance framework that can be savagely costly, wasteful, and deluding. The fundamental objective in Miner making this examination is to compel the peruser to comprehend culture and society depends on point of view and that a portrayal of remote society doesn't mean they are lesser than other, simply extraordinary.

Additionally that individual viewpoint of social orders will change contingent upon who is taking a gander at a particular culture or society. Finally, the particular customs of society are the very texture that holds society together. Along these lines, it is easy to take a gander at the American culture adversely; however these traditions are the American societal esteems.