It might even be a must-do-everyday "chore" to them.

However, any people don't realize the fact that downloading music from the Internet is against the law! People are breaking laws, copyright laws. This downloading from the Internet deal may not even be the worst thing they could do; sometimes people even download songs and make CD copies. The CDs would go on the black market and sell them on a lower price than the official CD, making the people would rather buy the cheaper copied CDs than the more expensive official ones.Also, from the law, it states that one may make a copy of his/her own CD for their personal use. That means he/she may record it to a cassette tape or rip it to MP3 files.

One may not, however, give this copy to another person. Many people believe that If no money Is Involved, then no law has been broken. This Is false. Whether you give the copy away or sell it, this is still a violation of copyright law.

For the people who download music, they have their defends and sayings to this behavior.They think that downloading music should be a program or service provided to them. They think it is not exactly right to say that they are listening to music for free; they have to buy computers and service connections. Downloading music from the Internet is Just a cheap ntertainment and If the web provided this service to them, why not appreciate It? What I think about this downloading music or buying copied CDs behavior is that nowadays too many people are selfish and self-considered.

They only think about themselves, and enjoy and have fun with this cheap entertainment provided by the Internet. However, they don't think about the artists who are trying so hard to make profits. This Is morally wrong. The artists wasted so much energy, time, and perspiration for absolutely nothing in return. Artists are human too; they should get paid for what they worked so hard for. They are not working for free just simply for our personal pleasures.

But after people would rather go on the Internet and download music, they wouldn't buy the real official CD's anymore.As time flew by, many artists eventually quit doing the music industry because they are not making much profits. So, if this downloading music matter doesn't stop, what I am concerned about Is that more artists would quit and we won't have anymore good music for our One of the most famous music downloading website - Napster, was forced to shut down in 1999 because of the matter that they are breaking the artists' copyright laws. But the company itself is defending for itself that it consequently says that downloading music is legal.However Napster is now facing a full-court press by the Recording Industry Association of America and its member record companies, which are asking a Judge for a preliminary injunction removing all major-label songs from the file-swapping service while a larger case comes to trial. The record companies contend that Napster is facilitating copyright infringement on a massive scale by allowing its millions of members to search for songs on each others' computers and to download them for free.

In its most recent set of legal briefs, the industry cited surveys that it said proved online file-sharing is already cutting into CD sales.This case is still under investigation and the courts' decision, the question and decision will be resolved on July 26th, where the Judges will make the final remark. If downloading music from the Internet is illegal, it is breaking copyright laws, can you go to Jail for this? It isn't very likely, but you could find yourself in court as the defendant in a nasty civil suit. From the law it mentioned that there are limited to civil Judgments and violators may be forced to pay "actual damages. In other words, violators could be forced to pay large fines, but would not be sent to Jail.Downloading music from the Internet may not seem like a criminal matter to many people, in fact, it may not seem critical to most people.

But if you think of it this way; if you download music, the artists' hard work, for absolutely free, isn't this behavior actually equal to going to a music store and steal CDs off from the rack? So before you download music from the internet for free, you really should think more about what kind of consequences you would make, you wouldn't want to break laws Just to have the cheap entertainment, would you?