TV programmes have been downloaded for free from Internet affecting CDs sales, TV programmes and movie rights. So, is this harming artists and TV corporations or helping them? Many people argue that downloading music from internet is not Just illegal but morally wrong because you are stealing the artist who has put a lot of effort into that music that you are stealing. If you believe that you should not steal from an old shoemaker, who works because he needs the money to live, so why do It from a music artist who puts a lot of work in his songs is right?However, many of these artists make more money that they will ever need as they also make money from concerts. A lot of people run short of money and do not have much to spend on music, movies or TV programmes and downloading it for free seems the best option for them who don't want to be left aside from the new technological society who offers these entertainments. Before you had to spend a lot of money to get all of these, but nowadays they are closer to our needs, closer for the people with limited resources, so why are we going to take away this privilege from them.

People who support this side of the argument consider that downloading music, movies or TV programmes is not a way of steeling it, is a way of sharing. It is very common that when you are with your friends you listen to list of music so you share songs with your friends and widen your music spectrum Including more artists and types of songs that you dldnt know before. Many people start to know artists and listen to their muslc by downloading music from internet because as it is free you try new artists and types of music that you may never have though of buying their CD in a store.This gives the artist a wider audience. Besides, new artists benefit from this, because few people buy CDs from an unknown artist, but a lot of people download music made by new artists and gives them a try because they do not have to pay for It.

So this is a way for new artists to become known. This also happens with movies and TV programmes as people download or buy pirate movies instead of buying an official one or going to the movies. TV corporations are being affected by this because a lot of money is put into the production of these and hey feel that they are working for free.But more people are watching their movies, their audience is growing because more people are able to watch them, and these movies are becoming popular In this way. New legal website, such as Netflix or Hulu, provide HD movies and TV programmes and offer their service at a reasonable price.

This is legal, that means that the movies and programmes are being paid by consumers to the website and to the movies corporations, and, as said before, having a variety of unlimited movies to watch widens the audience of these movies and also TV programmes. akes them earn less money as less people are buying their CDs and movies. However more people are able to watch and hear music from artists all around the world, the artist's and movie 's audience is bigger than before and the people 's options and tastes are wider. We should all be able to choose whatever we want to hear and watch despite our incomes, because music and movies are art that if it is suppressed by the corrupt businessman whose main goal is to make money, it will never spread to the community who are eager to receive and enjoy it.