I couldn't agree more with Carl Cannon that misinformation Is the real computer virus Lying on the internet is easy to do, and easy to believe.

The internet is a great place w tit lots of valuable information, but it's also a place for lies to spread like wildfire. From a young age we are taught to be careful on the Internet, but not for all the right reasons. We learn to f predators. Like everyone behind a computer screen Is someone trying to hurt you. It's common knowledge not to click on unusual links you get in spam emails, or entering your peersAnal information on shady websites. But it is only recently that we have been taught not b live everything we read on the internet.

Cannon states that he has to check the validity of everything he reads online and "do isn't trust the information on the Net very much anymore," (470). I see his point, but I also think that you can trust information if you know the right places to look for it. When you're trying g to find accurate Information, try to finds sites ending with . Gob, . Due, or . Org.

These websites re more likely to have updated Information and correct Information. Cannon also claims that he Likes doing things the loadstone's way, "consulting reference books in libraries, calling professors or original sources on the phone, doubt leeching everything," (470). I think everyone should double check the things they are writing or speaking about. Not having the time to double check your sources is not an excuse. If you are going to spread Information to people, you have a Job to do to make sure that It's accurate.The re are many other ways to research things other than the Internet.

Our computers have quickly become the centers of our lives, our prime source of new and our main way of staying connected with friends and family. Cannon made many good points about the Internet and It's way of spreading so many lies. It's easiest to believe every wing that you read, and tedious to verify every fact or story you come across. But if you don't WA NT to look like a fool when you're proven wrong, pick up a book from the library. Be sure to conflict RMI everything before you unknowingly lie too.