Draft Version Recently our state school board has been considering different options to improve our school’s breakfast and lunch menus with more nutritional and healthy foods for our children to eat. They have tried to integrate healthy foods while at the same time trying to give students foods that they enjoy eating. Instead of always serving greasy unhealthy foods they have started including more vegetables and less greasy items on their breakfast and lunch menus. There are some economic issues that come with these new menus in the school.Some parents will worry that their children won’t be eating at all if there isn’t food that they like to eat. While at the same time some of the healthier options cost a little bit more to buy and serve to our students so some people may be concerned about budget issues within local school districts.

But in all reality our state school board is just trying to improve the health of our children so they have a better chance at being healthy throughout the rest of their lives, compared to many people suffering daily from different health issues.The main benefit of the school board trying to regulate healthier foods into their breakfast and lunch menu is to make sure our youth are eating right and getting all the nutrients they need to live a strong and healthy life. They want to make sure, even if they aren’t eating right at home, they are getting some sort of healthy foods. Even if it is only once a day, they are hoping that this new impact will be a start to students wanting to eat healthier and be more active.This may be a long hard process to get everyone on the same page about the menu changes but they are hoping that eventually most people will see the benefit of this process instead of always trying to find the flaws in it. They are considering doing a survey with every child enrolled in different districts to see what students would actually eat so they don’t waste a bunch of food by throwing it away and not eating like they should.

Once they get the results from all of the surveys they would like to pick out the most common and try those first and introduce just a few items at a time, instead of all at once.It will include a lot of trial and error but hopefully in the long run this change will be very beneficial to our youth. There are a vast number of benefits that would come about if the school board had decided to make a change in the school menus that schools would be allowed to serve to their students. They schools would be able to make sure that children are eating at least one, possibly two, good meals a day. The health risks would definitely go down by not serving as much greasy foods like they have in the past, including obesity and diabetes.