Business Analysis - Assignment 1

- Business Analyst

`` A Business Analyst is responsible for placing the concern demands of their clients and stakeholders to assist find solutions to concern jobs '' ( Louis Molnar, n.

d ) . The occupations of a Business Analyst are to develop the demands and pull off them throughout the procedure of developing solutions. A Business Analyst must besides understand, challenge, acknowledge chances, and recommends solutions for an administration to accomplish its ends. Solutions are non predetermined by the Business Analyst, but are driven entirely by the demands of the concern.

They frequently include a systems development constituent, but may besides dwell of procedure betterment or organisational alteration. All in all, harmonizing to Kevin Brennan, a Business Analyst is seen as a cardinal facilitator because the concern analyst is moving as a span between stakeholders in an organisation in order to place and formalize the internal alterations, particularly in making and bettering procedures, policies, and information engineering systems, that are required for that organisation to accomplish its ends.

Question 2 - Focus Group

Stakeholder Classs and FeaturesStakeholder ClassPrecedenceDescriptionStakeholder ClassPrecedenceDescriptionStakeholder ClassPrecedenceDescriptionFocus Group Meeting Facilitator GuideFocus Group ObjectiveMeeting clip, LocationParticipantsMeeting MaterialsQuestion to inquireQuestion 1 - ConnectionIs the connexion to the website quick or decelerate?So many images in the web site will decelerate down the connexion velocity. Should we take images? Reason?Question 2 - ContentssDoes the web site have enough information for clients?What should we add/remove?What do you believe about the design? Is it easy for visitants to see? Why/why non?Question 3 - SatisfactionsWhat do you like the most on the Mazda web site?What should we maintain on the web site? The most utile facets? ?Do you experience comfy when surfing the web site? Why/why non?Question 4 - DissatisfactionsWhat are the most unneeded facets on the web site?Should we take it or better it?What discomforts you the most?How to better them?Question 5 - Order OnlineDo you like online ordination?Should we hold an online telling country? Why/why non?Question 3 - Flow chart for buying on hypertext transfer protocol: //www.yesasia.



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Question 4 - Use Case Diagram of RMIT Vietnam

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Question 5 - Case Study

Executive SummaryCreative Clothes ( CC ) is the retail concatenation of modern-day vesture and accoutrements to the general populace in Vietnam. The chief watercourse merchandises are frocks, denims, shirts, trunkss places and accoutrements. Presently, the company can be split into a figure of sections and its anchor would be three sale located in Hanoi and HCMC.

The successes of CC come from human resource development and professional direction squad. However, there are still a figure of noteworthy jobs with the operation of the company. This concern study will analyze the current state of affairs and so develop the demands of the CC Company. A study with specific job analysis and recommendation to get the better of these jobs will besides be provided. The ends mentioned in this concern study are to assist the CC Company understand its place ( strengths and failings ) and bing issues that the company demand to get the better of.IntroductionCreative Clothes ( CC ) is the trade name name of a retail concatenation of modern-day vesture and accoutrements in Vietnam.

Currently, CC has 3 major mercantile establishments in Hanoi and HCMC that sell the company merchandises. As the demand of vesture in the market is increasing, the company has grown quickly that causes the sum of issues to look in this administration. Some jobs exist in the resource country and some are related to the direction. All of these jobs lead the company to a hard state of affairs. The challenges of the company now are to work out these jobs every bit good as happen a manner of running concern to spread out their merchandising potency.

Formal System Model: Creative Apparels


Making Net incomeProcedure:Selling merchandisesPull offing staffsProducing fiscal studies


Vietnamese marketVietnam Law



End product:

Net incomeMonthly BillsAnnual studies

Input signal:

Apparels and accessorriesStaffs

Management Team

Accounting DepartmentHuman Resource Department

SWOT Analysis


Good directionHave mercantile establishments in large metropolissAssorted merchandises


Lack of human resourcesNo IT substructureLack of capitalNot plenty selling location


High demand at vestureAble to utilize of cyberspace to increase selling and on-line gross revenues.


Fashion tendencies change quicklyCompetitive sphere of existent estate

Problem Analysis

There are many jobs bing in the company. However, there are 3 major issues that will be shown below

Issue: 1

Identify: Too many clients at a given clip mundaneLocation: 3 shopsTime: 11.30am - 1.

30pm and after 4.30pmMagnitude: haste of activity, long line at hard currency registry and dissatisfy clients

Issue: 2

Identify: High sheer sum of work with different criterionsLocation: Accounting sectionTime: every monthMagnitude: paperwork are non completed right and detain production of direction study

Issue: 3

Identify: Limit location for merchandising merchandisesLocation: Creative ApparelsTime: everydayMagnitude: excessively much stock in shop roomTo understand these jobs more clearly, Spray diagrams and Fishbone diagrams will be shown as follow:Excessively many clients in shops at a same clip everyday

Issue 1

Reports with different manners

Issue 2

Limit merchandising location

Issue 3

As the Fishbone and Spray diagrams have shown above, 3 chief jobs of CC are caused by different grounds that are related to different countries in the company.First, allow look at the 1st issue. There are excessively many clients at a given clip everyday is a portion of selling procedure in the Formal System Model ( FSM ) . It is the consequence of non adequate homo and land resources. This really affects straight the client services of the company.

In fact, each shop of CC has merely 2 employees. These two people can non work out a big sum of work at the same clip. Furthermore, the company merely accept hard currency so the staffs must make all of payment procedure by manus, including money receiving and hard currency changing. It takes them more clip to fulfill a client.

As the figure of clients who have the staffs ' attending is excessively little, accordingly long lines of waiting clients will look. This besides makes people experience there are excessively many clients in the shops. Another ground for this job is that the company merely has 3 shops that located in large metropoliss in Vietnam. This figure is merely excessively little compared with the demand of vesture in the Vietnamese market.

If people in the whole of the state want to purchase CC merchandises, they merely can travel to these shops. It leads each shop to incorporate a large figure of clients. Reasons of this issue come from different facets. However, this is another job of the company that will be expanded subsequently in another paragraph.In the 2nd issues, the chief job is the studies of shops coming every month are written in different manners. This job is the duty of the Accounting Department.

The chief causes of this are from the direction and between shops. At first, 3 directors of 3 shops do non make up one's mind a common criterion. Therefore, they write monthly studies based on their ain manners. Furthermore, there is no contact between 3 shops every bit good. In other words, they lack of information sharing.

Therefore, shops, including staffs and directors, do non cognize what the others are working and how they do. The farther ground of this issue may be because they have a negative competition for the award so they want to maintain everything they do in secret. It may besides be the consequence of inexperient accounting staffs. If they were an efficient squad, they would command those studies even they are written in different manners. Besides, they do non kick with the directors about the criterion of studies.

As a consequence, these directors think that everything would be all right if they keep utilizing their ain manner for the study.The concluding job is a portion of what was discussed on the first issue above. The company has merely few merchandising locations in the whole state. It means CC deficiency of land resource. This may be the consequence of the competitory sphere of existent estate every bit good as the job inside the company. First, the company may non hold adequate money to purchase land or house.

This may be the consequence of inefficient concern. They lose a batch of clients because of hapless client services. Besides, they may put their money on other section. Possibly they need to better the accounting section, to set up an IT section.

Therefore, there is no money for landing and lodging. In add-on, in recent old ages, the cost of land and house has been increasing significantly, particularly in large metropoliss like Hanoi and HCMC. This brings the company to a hard state of affairs. They are unable to purchase houses or lands. Finally, the company merely merely concentrate on large metropoliss.

They do non open any shops in other state although the house monetary value there is much lower. The ground may be the company do non see the selling potency in the countryside. These all ground make the CC Company acquire stuck in opening a new merchandising location, and so it leads to the 1st issue above.As the three jobs are someway related to each other and they have negative effects on the development of the concern, the CC Company needs to work out them rapidly, get downing from chief causes of them.

In general, the chief problem of CC is they do non hold adequate resource, including labor, land and capital. They are besides weak in pull offing the company. If these are solved, jobs will besides be solved. The undermentioned paragraph will supply for CC some recommendations to make so.

First, to raise the capital, the company demand to increase their gross revenues. They need to sell more to acquire more net income. However, with the hapless client service, it seems impossible to make that. In fact, they can pay a little more money to better their service.

They need to engage more employees because 2 people can non make everything, particularly in the haste hours. Additionally, the directors should pass more clip on their staffs. They should give new employees more attendings to assist them, steer them to work and promote them. Second, they should open more shops in Vietnam. The vesture demand is ever high, non merely in HCMC and Hanoi but besides in other metropoliss and states. They are besides large, such as Danang, Nha Trang, Can Tho and so on.

At least, the house monetary value in those topographic points is less than HCMC and Hanoi. They can purchase shops or merely lease them. However, if they do non hold adequate money to purchase or even lease a shop, they should set up an IT section. It helps them command the 3 shops and stock lists much more easy. This will assist the company work out all 3 jobs at the same clip.

At first, the accounting section will link straight to the three shops. They receive monthly studies and other documents through the cyberspace. This takes them less clip than the original manner they are making. Besides, if they have IT substructure, they can open a web site for the company. There are 2 benefits: advancing their trade names and people can purchase CC merchandises through the web site.

That means the figure of client and the net income will increase. Therefore, bound merchandising locations and excessively many clients in shop will be no longer jobs. The concluding recommendation is that the accounting section of the company should supply for the three directors a theoretical account signifier of monthly study. Consequently, studies from the three shops will be written in the same format.Based on the SWOT analysis and the Format Systems Model, the CC strengths are good plenty to better their failing every bit good as achieve the chances. What they need to make is a small alteration in the manner they are pull offing the company.