The Mona Lisa is possibly Leonardo Da Vinci’s most celebrated of pictures. It is an oil picture.

painted on poplar wood. The picture is most celebrated for the smiling of the adult female. which people have been seeking to decode for a long clip. Many believe that the portrayal is that of Da Vinci himself. while many besides place a batch mysterious connexions with this picture.

The portrayal depicts a woman’s flop. with a distant landscape that is seeable in the background. Leonardo used a pyramid design to put in in simple and unagitated mode within the picture. The adult female is shown with her custodies folded. with her chest. cervix.

and face painted the same colour as her custodies. The visible radiation is diffused so that the assorted curves and geometrical forms on the picture are made seeable through it. Possibly the most interesting thing about the picture is the woman’s smiling.Many believe that it is guiltless and ask foring. while others believe that of smugness and a smirk. Many scientific surveies have been undertaken to find the exact nature of the smiling and the existent ground remains a enigma.

It is believed that every individual sees the smiling otherwise because of the alterations in the lightning that Leonardo presented. The adult female is shown seated in an unfastened country. and behind her is a huge landscape. which recedes to an icy mountain. Some tortuous waies and a far off span is besides perceptible in the background.

The picture is an astonishing one should decidedly take a expression at it in order to appreciate its full beauty. The picture is presently on show at the Musee du Louvre. in Paris.