The Human Population By
some, the human population is viewed as an environmental
problem. There are also those who do not view it as a
problem. In my opinion the human population is not yet, but
is soon becoming a large problem. This is because very
soon we will run out of room and resources for the amount
of people who will be living on this planet. Because the
worlds population is increasing at a rate between one and
two percent, we expect it to double within the next 35 to
70 years. At this rate it will be impossible to support every
living being on earth.

In fact, many people starve to death
each day. Although this happens in America, this starvation
most often occurs in third world countries. This is because
these countries are under-developed and extremely poor,
which is why they are called third world countries. These
countries dont have the jobs to support their citizens.

These citizens and their families dont receive the support
they need, so they are forced to live in horrible conditions.Although these conditions are horrible and should be
changed, I believe that there is a way to argue in favor of
this problem. If the world is going at such an amazing rate,
it is apparent that we will not be able to support all the
people who are to be born and live on this earth. Well then
theoretically do we not need a way to get rid of some of
these people? I in no way condone mass genocide of
peoples, races, or countries but this is a problem. The most
obvious answer is to kill the extra people on earth. I know
that I myself would have a great deal of trouble killing the
extra people on earth.

Even selecting the people I though
should be killed would be impossible for me. I believe
many people would also have this problem. Even if some
one could be found who was comfortable selecting and
killing people, who is to say that this person is correct. I
dont believe that any human has the right to decide who
should die in a situation like this. Well then, how should we
go about solving this problem? Are acts of Mother Nature
such as AIDS, earthquakes, etc. our worlds way of
dealing with this problem? Is this not natural selection?
Although the starvation of these third world peoples is a
horrible thing, I believe that changing it is not necessarily the

We now know that we need to do something
about the rapid growth of our population. Are the growth
and death rates, the poverty and starvation in the countries,
our earths way of doing that? Or even if it is not, is it not
an answer? Do we really need to worry about the
conditions in these countries? We need to slow down he
growth of the population and that is exactly what is
happening. Although it sounds like a horrible thing to say,
the world is in danger and needs help. The world however
is doing fine right now. It is within the next 70 years that we
will begin to see and feel the actual consequences of having
a population too large for the earth to support. In my
opinion it is a very good idea to start working on this
problem now, because when it becomes a reality, it may be
too late.

And when it does become a reality, what can be
done then? A mass extermination would solve the problem
very easily, but who is to decide who should die? So then,
are these natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and
floods a good idea? In a way, yes. As long as the
population does not grow at an incredibly fast rate, we will
not have a problem. So then, an event in which members of
the population disappear is in fact helping to extend the life
of the earth, and the human population by taking away from
the total number of people. So things that we often refer to
as horrible, such as the degree of poverty in third world
nations, is actually helping the earth in the long run.
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