Angelou’s life revolved around providing for her son. Watching him leaving was difficult for her as a mother. She also had to deal with things she hadn’t before “ I didn’t becomes nervous until he left. Then the reality of Lady Bay coming to my house slammed into me and started my body to quaking.

It was pretty well known that she used heavy drugs, and I hardly smoked grass anymore. How could I tell her she couldn’t shoot up or sniff up in my house”?Maya Angelou has been through a lot of hard ships in her life as she expresses’ in her book, dealing with being a single mother, trying to find love, and supporting her son. At 17 Maya angelou gave birth to her son Clyde who also became a poet. Her book represents feminism all the things that a woman has to endure, what woman go through and how woman are treated.

Maya Angelou had to deal with racism, heartache and discriminations. Her book depicts a single mother’s slide down the social ladder into poverty and crime.Angelou worked as the front woman business manger for prostitutes, restaurants cooks and prostitute clubs. Angelou moved through a series of relationships occupations, and cities as she attempted to raise her son without job training or advanced education.

Maya has accomplished many goals in her. In 1951, Angelou married Greek electrician, former sailor and aspiring musician Enistasious (Tosh) Angelou. Despite the condemnation of interracial relationships at the time and disapproval of her mother.Not only did Maya have to deal with racial disapproval from her mother but as well as peers. Angelou and her new husband, and son moved to New York City so that she could study African dance with Trinidadian dancer pearl primus, but they returned to San Francisco a year later.

Angelou traveled a lot during this time of her life. After Angelou’s marriage ended in 1954, she danced professionally in clubs around san Francisco including the night club the purple onion, where she sang and danced calypso music.Maya soon got married again. Her husband wanted her to moved back to NY with her son. He would send packages of money every month.

But then the packages stop coming. Maya knew she had to support for her and her son, so she decided to get a job. Not a lot of men approved of woman working around that time so she was frowned upon. But Maya kept strong and got a job at a nightclub. Her ex husband laughed at her when she told him she had gotten a job.

He thought it was silly to even think of a woman having a job.