Once upon time in one small village, lived an old farmer with 3 sons. The first one was strong, and the second one was fast, and the third one was clever.

They were always arguing about who is the best son and never help each other. One day the farmer became sick so they called a doctor. Father and Doctor Father: hi my friend. How are you? Doctor: Hi my friend, I am fine. I haven’t seen you long time. How are you my sick friend? Father: how do know that I’m sick? Doctor: I’m a doctor, why would you call me then? Father: I’m not sick but I just want to show my sons that they must stay together and help each other.

Please tell them that I’m sick and I need medicine so they must go to witches highland together to find that medicine. Doctor: So you just pretend that you are sick, I don’t like to lie but since you are my old friend I will do it for you. I hope your sons will understand that they must help each other. Doctor really wants to help his friend so he goes to talk with farmers sons.

.. Doctor and the three sons Doctor: Hi, lucky that I met all of you here, your father is sick and he needs the medicine. Clever son: where is that medicine? Doctor: it’s far away in the witches highlands.Fast son: how far is that place? Strong son: how hard is the way? Doctor: The way is very long and difficult so you must go together as soon as possible.

I will look after him while you will have a journey so don’t worry and leave… Fight for who is going to get the medicine Strong son: I’m stronger the both of you and better then you I will go get the medicine alone I don’t need your help. Fast son: I’m fastest one, I will go and comeback faster than you and we don’t have enough time. Clever son: let him go he is really stupid, I’m sure that he will comeback without the medicine.So after long discussing and fighting, they decided that the strong son will go first to this journey to find the medicine. On the way he met an old woman that looks very strange. Strong son _old woman dialog Strong son: I look for a way to a “witch’s highland” do you know how can I go there? Old woman: why you want to go there, it is very far and dangerous place, no one come back from there.

Strong son: my father is sick and I need a medicine that can be finding only there. Old woman: if you want to go there I will show you the way but you have something to do for me. Strong son: what should I do?Old woman: there is a tree that is 10 meters high. From here till the tree is more than 10 days way, but you have to go there less than 2 hours.

He couldn’t do this so he had to return home without any medicine. Three sons Clever son and fast son: Laughing to strong brother. Clever son: I knew that you will comeback without the medicine. Fast son: now it’s my turn to go to get the medicine. After that the fast son went to find the medicine . He also met the same old woman on his way.

Fast son and old woman Fast son: hey, grandma’ do you know how can I get to the “witches highland”?Old woman: I’m not your grandma’ and why do you want to go there? Fast son: I want to get a medicine for my sick father. Old woman: Before you come here someone came asking for the same place, and if you want to go there you have to answer my question first then I will show you the way. How many hairs on your head? He try to count a long time but he can’t answer to her question, he also couldn’t pass the river, so he a returned to home without the medicine. Clever son: Laughs on his fast brother when he came back without the medicine.

Clever son: I will get the medicine that the both off you couldn’t get. Then the last boy went to find the medicine. He met the same old women again. Clever son old woman Clever son: hi I came here to find a medicine for my sick father before I come here both of my brothers came looking for it and they couldn’t get it. Old woman: Yes, I met them before you, but I will you want to go there and find the medicine you must do something to for me. Clever son: what should I do for you? Old woman: nothing special only I want you to pass the river and get for me that laptop there.

Because I want to check my face book I didn’t check it for a long time. He couldn’t do it too, so he returned home. When he come back to home doctor call them and ask what happened. Doctor: You see you don’t listen to me and didn’t go together, you just waste all of your time to argue who is better and still haven’t got the medicine that your father needs. Tell me why you all return without it? Clever son: I met the strange old woman and she told me to pass the river but I couldn’t because it’s it was hard, so I come back… Strong son: I can pass the river but she told me to go somewhere very fast.

Fast son: I can go anywhere very fast but she asked me a difficult question that I couldn’t answer. Clever son: I can answer to any question. Doctor: So you must go together and do all her tasks . Who is better is not important you must help your sick father. Help each other and get the medicine I’ll be waiting for you… Finally they went together to find the medicine. They met the old woman again.

3 Sons_ old woman _dialog Old woman: why you come to me again when you can’t do everything that I want? Clever son: now, we are together so we can do everything that you want.Strong son: just say anything that you want we will do it. Fast son: what is the question? Where is the river? How we can arrive to tree? Old woman: at fist you have to answer me, how many hairs on my head? Clever son: as much as users of facebook. Old woman: You must pass that big river and bring me the laptop from other side; also you should bring me an apple from the big tree. Acting.

Fast son run and bring the apple, strong son bring the laptop. The strong and fast sons bring the laptop and an apple to old woman and she gives them a medicine.They took the medicine from old woman and return to home. Doctor and 3 sons’ scene: Doctor: I am glad that you come back, finally you understand that you must help each other and stick together. Don’t worry your father is not sick, you are all together now as he hopes, so go tell him about your adventure and leave him.

Help him and each other and everything will be alright. Three sons never argue or fight again with each other, they do everything together and they live happily with their father. The end