The computers are now replacing teachers These days, using tech-learn such as computers or online courses instead of teachers is one of the hottest and discussing topics all over the world. Tech-learn had been innovated in 1994 when the first online teacher started his work. At the beginning, no one believed what he wanted to do.

At 1st of July 1998 his first class with 29 classmates was held on the Internet. He succeeded dramatically and In 1999 US Nation appreciated him in front of all teachers and encouraged them to participate in his online school.The students who took part in those classes shared their feeling with other students. They felt more comfortable when they was lying on the sofa while learning online. Gradually, some teachers lost their Jobs; as a result, they decided to rely on tech-learn. Since that time people are divided into two groups.

The first group Is people who are against this technology, on the other hand, there are some people who are fans of this technology. Undoubtedly, there is number of people who are dissatisfied from replacing computer instead of teachers. To begin with, experiments show that teachers play important role in students' concentration.In the other word, they push students to come into the success way and they don't let student to become absentminded.

As an example, in real class (class room) teachers can control the class, and they can avoid students from daydreaming, also they could change class atmosphere. Moreover, presence of the students In class prevent them to be lazy In future. Students learn to be punctual, wear reasonable clothes in different places, practice to work in group and they will make decision for themselves by presence in society. Last but not least, humans mostly learn from their friends, and school is the place that students can make real friends.

They learn how to be social person, and they will build personality and change some of their behaviors. On the other hand, big group of students, teachers and some of the scientist hold their opinions that online courses and tech-learn can effect on students' learning In beneficial ways. First of all, this method of studying is better for the students who work full-time or does not have that much budget to participate in real classes. For instance, some of the students work whole day and they cannot match their time with classes, so they ought to pick up online courses to use their time in better way and reduce their waste times.

In addition, according to the new researches, If students study In a situation that they feel comfortable without any pressure, they will achieve great result compare to classroom, approximately they can understand 40% more in this situations. Furthermore, nowadays some adults who did not study when they were young are decided to study with unbelievable enthusiasm, but there are a few problems that eliminate their passion. Most common feeling that all of them are facing with is they cannot communicate with the teenagers that are studying beyond them. As a result, they cannot be friend and It's the first step for starting an unfair competition.So they convinced that creating tech-learn can improve our lives in different ways, but as you know all the changes have some defects.

The founders of this technology strongly believe that it will increase the result of studying 40% more than classic teachers and the adult will have a chance to restart their life and studying without any trouble; besides, the people who are against this technology support their notions that it will eliminate presence of teacher in class, so no one can control the class. In addition, students will get lazy to participate in class, so they lose the chance to make real friends and decision for their future.