Tuition classes are available at all levels of education from elementary or primary school education to high school and right through to college and university.

The normal mode of teaching in college or university is generally termed as tuition. In this article we focus our attention to primary school and high school tuition. These tuition classes are on top of the normal school classes and is taken up voluntarily by students for a fee outside of school.Tuition classes came about to support and nurture students who were weak in certain subjects. Over the years though, tuition classes became a standard for all students. Even students who do not have any problems in any of the subjects in school do take up extra tuition classes.

There are even pre-school pupils who are sent to tuition classes by their parents in the hope that they would gain an advantage by the time they are in school This is where the good intentions of tuition loses its balance and starts to become a problem.There are advantages of tuition classes such as help for students who really need help with their studies or where the school teacher falls short. There are tuition classes that focus on exam preparation for university entrance exams which is beneficial and is necessary. There are however far more disadvantages to tuition classes if it is not used properly. Firstly, tuition takes time and students have little time left after school and homework.

And when parents put the student through further tuition which may not be really necessary, it results in wasted time.The student could use that time for other activities such as sports, arts, music, join clubs and gain the benefits of such activities such as learning social skills, organizing skills and time management. This is a much more balanced development path and healthier than the one which is purely concentrated in studies alone. Secondly, it is very easy for the tuition classes to be turned into a spoon feeding session. Tutors know the curriculum very well and they know how the exam questions would be set.This makes it easy for them to guide the students towards scoring in exams rather than really learning the topic, which is far more important as school serves as the foundation for a good college diploma or university degree.

Tuition classes concentrate more on answering exam questions and worksheets rather than understanding the fundamental concepts and theory. Finally, tuition classes are expensive as tuition rates and prices have gone up. This is a drain on financial resources. Instead of spending all that unnecessary money into tuition, it could be saved up for college or university study further down the road.