The advantages: Based on my ain experiences. there are several advantages for sellers to utilize societal media as portion of their selling communications schemes. Social media represent a radical new tendency in communicating. More and more people begin to utilize societal media to pass on.

It is freer. more convenient. faster and cheaper than the old ways. people besides can acquire more information what they want.

what is more. people can acquire in touch with their friend easier. For the company. it can confront to their mark market exactly. Social media hold a great trade of customers’ information.

through the information that people portion. company can easy cognize customers’ hobbits and the goods they like.Social media besides increase the communicating between clients and sellers. Company can acquire tonss of users’ feedback information and usage that information to better their merchandise.

It besides help the organisation leave a good feeling in customers’ heads. One of the most of import things is that societal media non merely can assist companies publicizing good but besides about have no costs. What societal media bring for the company can non be measured but the cost of it is truly low. It lowers the company’s advertizement costs.Disadvantages: Based on my ain experience. the disadvantages or hazards for sellers in utilizing societal media as portion of their selling communications scheme are as follows.

Company’s web page can be attacked by hackers and viruses ; it may lose company’s of import information. company may lose their competitory advantages. Customers can be deceived by the false information online and the excess information may allow them acquire annoyed. The negative remarks may damage companies’ image.The usage of the cyberspace may do the decrease of production efficiency. because employees may occupy utilize the cyberspace to work out the job online or update their package so that waste times.

Company should larn how to manage a societal media and that may blow company’s clip. Because the societal media is non a “face to face” communicating. so it can hold many unbelievable state of affairss. the information may be non existent. the likeliness of people been fooled are greatly increased.