Written in paragraph form and answers the following questions: 1 .

Restate the purpose of this investigation. 2. What about their anatomy (form) directly influences this Investigation? 3. Identify and describe how termites use pheromones. 4. The complexity of structure and function varies widely across the animal kingdom.

Despite this variation, animals exhibit common processes. Knowing this include the following: 1 . The classification of the subterranean termite. 2.

Describe how termites perform gas exchange. (I. E. What kind of respiratory system do termites have? Owe does It function? 3. Describe how termites transport materials through their body.

(I. E. What type of circulatory system do they have? How does this function? ) 4. Describe how termites are adapted to respond to stimuli.

(specifically refer to structure and function of antennae) HYPOTHESIS If... , then.

. METHODS Written In past tense and in paragraph form. Should describe to the reader how the Investigation was conducted. Materials are Identified as they are used within the experiment.

A figure should be included and referred to that shows the exact set-up of the lines used in the lab.Proper Heading: Table 1: The effect of proper Table Construction - If drawn, must use a ruler. If done on computer must be formatted correctly. Summary Statement - Found below each table.

"The above table shows.... (what is significant about the data? )" Title: Figure 1. The effect of labeled and scaled.

Bars or lines are drawn correctly. X and Y AXIS properly Summary Statement - Found below each table. "The above table shows...

. (what is significant about the data? )" In paragraph form: Restate the purpose of this lab. Ђ Restate the hypothesis. Ђ Determine if the data supported or failed to support the hypothesis.

Support (Table 1 etc. ) and graphs (Figure 1 etc. ). If the data did not support the hypothesis, what hypothesis would now be supported by the data.

Based upon the research conducted provide an explanation for why do termites follow certain pen lines. Be sure to cite your researched information. In one sentence summarize if the hypothesis was or was not supported. Cite your references properly in MEAL format here as well as in the introduction and discussion where you used your resources.