Technology: mobile phone evolution Mobile phones or nowadays called smart phones; those have started Just like a need in the past. Now they have become the main tool or in most cases the assistant of the human being, it is an everyday use device. Everybody has one or two around the world, some people's Job, study and free time depends a hundred percent on those little but extremely technological objects. With a smart phone you can do things like: send emails, check your social networks, listen to music, take and share pictures and ideas, text, calls, web searches, download and upload different kind of file and more.

The first portable or mobile phone was created at the beginnings of WI, Motorola creates the Handy Talkie for the army soldiers of QUEUE, this huge and heavy device was used by the troops to communicate when they were spread in their missions at the war zone. This useful mobile device became famous in society and because of it the first big design stared to suffer some changes to be more accessible and easier to eve everywhere by the users; those first devices were created and manufactured by Ericson at the early ass's, some years later the company continued improvement on the range of frequency, named GIG and also In size of the systems.Now, cell phones or the new description "smart phones" are the number one used device by the humanity, there's a big competition between companies one Is Apple with the famous phone and the other is Android with Its open software system In variety of designs, models and brands, the challenge each other of whoso the best developing In things eke: which Is the faster one, the one with the better camera resolution, which one has a bigger storage memory and which one looks better.For me smart phones are the best Invention. They are really useful. Now Is a hundred times easier to do things that use to take so much time In the past In few seconds, with high speed Internet everywhere and easy access to any Information you need Immediately, I use my smart phone everyday and sometimes It's even an options to escape of the dally stress for a while, reading something or Just checking out pictures In your favorite social network.