Rosario Y. Lopez Mrs. Walker ENG. 1301 November 02, 2012 Summary #1: HPV Vaccine Texas Tyranny Mike Adams essay, “HPV Vaccine Texas Tyranny”, demonstrates that the order made by Rick Perry, bypassing all the legislatures, to mandate the vaccination of young girls with the HPV vaccine sold by Merck, one of his contributors in his campaign, is absolutely worthless and an outright fraud. (445-447) Adams assumes that reality of all this situation is the push of profits. Adams starts to support his argument by exposing the question “why don’t pledge to give all their vaccines free of charge? (446) and he answered it with the phrase “This is all about money, not public health. ”(Adams 446) What is actually happening in Texas is the beginning a form of medical tyranny, declares Adams. If people let Texas get away of this problem, more states will follow it and Merck will convince other governors to do the same actions and calling it “public health”. (446) Also, Adams suggest us fight this tyranny by exposing it; and there is a lot of ways to do it, such as, posting the cartoon in our web sites, making t-shirts, linking the article with others friends, etc. He wants us to take action of the young girls care.

Adams debate is not only about the vaccine and the medical tyranny: it is about our health freedom to a medical system. He defends his thinking with the studies of others industries. Adams explained us that the cervical cancer is prevented in a hundred other ways. “It is really just a grand moneymaking scheme that exploits the bodies of young girls, marked to look like compassionate health care”, (447) concludes Adams. Males, Mike. ”HPV Vaccine Texas Tyranny. ” Perspectives on Contemporary Issues: Readings Across the Disciplines. 2006. 6e. Ed. Katherine Anne Ackley. Boston: Wadsworth/ Cengage Learning, 2012. 446-448. Print.