I hope to attend the Rhododendron Girls State Program. My attendance would drastically assist me in all of my future endeavors. It would provide me with an opportunity to join the over 30,000 girls who have already benefited from the citizenship, leadership, and patriotism training. This nationally recognized program would help me academically excel above others. Besides looking great in general on my college application, it could provide me with a chance to receive scholarships. After high school, I currently plan to continue my education at either West Liberty University or Ohio University.

I want to take a dual major of biology and chemistry; these majors are important because I want to be Pre-Medicine. Along with a rigorous curriculum, I hope to play collegiate softball. After college, I will again further my education by going to a school of medicine in order to become an orthopedic surgeon. When I apply for admittance into these schools, they will take into account programs such as Girls State causing them to perceive me as a better choice than those who did not attend such programs.

Since I will soon be of voting age, I am interested in acquiring a better understanding and deeper regard for my nation’s legacy of freedom and democracy. Running for offices, registering to vote, and delivering speeches will give me first-hand experience for the real world. My nation’s history is unique and the founding fathers of America would be proud to see youth learning about the government they created.