It is said that success is the most important thing in life and many people strive to be successful in life; however what is confusing is how different people define success.

To some success is being among the elite of the society, being wealthy and have vast property at their feet, to others success is just having enough to eat and support their families. It is even harder for the youth and students to define success. To some success is going to the best school or living in a posh estate but to others success is overcoming all odds to achieve one's dreams and ambitions. Therefore how do you define success? I believe that the far I have come I have achieved more than I wished for; this is because I have been able to overcome all odds and managed to acquire the most powerful weapon on earth, education. I am not successful yet and I hope that by being granted this chance to enroll for honors will be on the right track to be among thesuccessful members of the society.

The journey has been long and wearisome but as they say a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, I am still crawling but I believe soon I will be making baby steps. This is my story. Most of you will laugh at this as a joke but it the truth; I am the first person in our community to ever get a scholarship to attend college.Our father who was my role model despite the fact he barely went past high school always encourage me to work hard and make a difference in the world. He was not only our father but our mother as well because he our mother passed on while we were still young and he had to be the father-mother of the family.

Unfortunately 3 years ago when I was in the middle of my studies, when I needed someone to guide me, when I needed some to consult, our father, the only mother and father we knew passed on. It was not only sad moment to me and my siblings but challenging as well. Was I supposed to quit school to take care of my brothers and sisters or work hard and be successful in life? I remembered what my father told me one time "my son it is not the quantity of life that you live but the quality of it". I chose to do both, I have toiled and worked hard and night not only to get tuition fee for myself but also ensure that there is food on the table for my brothers and sisters.To some of my community members have become an eyesore, they are filled with hate and jealous because they believe I will never make it in life but to some I have been an inspiration, a role model and a leader.

Most of the youths opted to go back to school and became "successful" as I am. Academically my performance has been above per and I have scooped numerous academic awards. Here I am requesting for a chance, a chance that will make me successful and achieve my dream of being an engineer. Please give me a chance.