1)The purchase of commodities and other material and non-material moveable property with intent to sell the same at a profit whether sold in their original condition or after manufacture or conversion. AL Rawas company . AL Jaser company . Those companies design sramik like Sudia Arabia design . Al lot of people like it then there are many designs so that will attracted people . Then the company make commercial activity and have profit . 2)The purchase of commodities and other material and non-material moveable property with intent to hire or lease. AL-Karbia for car rent. Zint AL –Hafa for golden rent

Those institution are make profit from rent people 3)The sale, rent or sub-leasing of the commodities purchased or leased in the as given above. AL-Shagra golden company. Salalah silver company. Those tow company related two each other. They are make profit from rent gold and silver to people. 4)The purchase of real estate with intent of profit from the sale thereof in its original condition or after division and the sale of real estate purchased with such intent. Lands brokerage office. Ministry of citizen. Those two place works to sell and buy the land and make profit through the purchase of real estate. )Supply contracts. AL-Khaldia office AL-Dwlia office Those office make visa for people whose want to make in Oman. 6)Employment contracts. Ministry of Manpower. Ministry of Citizen. Those two ministry are make employment contract with different countries related of that through making visa from the worker they will make or profit. 7)Public and private banking transactions, money-changing activities and financial dealings. Bank Muscat. Central Bank. People can take loans from banks through that the banks can be make pr 8)Brokerage activities (activities of a middleman) and commercial agencies.

Sajer real state People comes to this office to help them for example each want to buy lands this office can help him to find purchaser. Thabir for cars rough that they have profit from the buyer. AL-Zabir for cars This make profit through people rent the cars and purchase the car from it. 9)Commercial papers such as bills of exchange, notes to order and cheques. Bank Muscat Bank Dhofar Those bank helps people to open accounts . it attracts people through given many services ,also the most important those bank is take care of its customers. 0)The incorporation of commercial companies and the sale or purchase of corporate shares or bonds. Muscat security market A'Safwah Dairy Those institution helps people to sell and buy the shares. 11)Public warehouses and pledges on property deposited therein. Royal Oman Police Ministry Of Citizen. Each Omani do identity card from Royal Oman police when they make it they give five Rails to policy because of that they have profit. In Ministry of citizen ,when people want to take it lands . they give to ministry money before take it. 12)The extraction of minerals, oils, rocks, and other natural resources.

Pido Company AL-Maha Company Those companies are famous in Oman ,they produce minerals,oils,rocks and other natural resources, After that exported then this to make profit and improve the economics of Oman. 13)The various types of insurance. Dhofar insurance company. Oman Insurance Company. People who have cars should be visit monthly insurance companies to service its cars dependent in type of car . This helps insurance companies to improve its profit . 14)Public sites and premises such as public playgrounds, cinemas, hotels, restaurants and auction rooms. Rotana Hotels. AL Bahja cinema .

This two places are famous . They make profit through people take ticket to going inside this places. 15)Public utility concessions, such as the distribution of water, electricity and gas, postal communications, telecommunications and the like. Oman Mobile . Nawars Those two companies are given many services to customers . Through that people should be participate with them . So they can make profit through that . 16)Land, sea and air transport. Oman Air Company . Gulf transport . Those institutions makes profits because people buy tickets when they are travel to different places . 7)Business agencies, tourist offices, import and export. Oman Oil Company. Ministry of tourism. Oman Oil Company exported oil to foreign countries through that helps to improve the economics of Oman and make profit. 18)Activities related to printing, publishing, the press, broadcasting and television, news or picture transmission, advertisements and the sale of books. Oman newspaper. -AlWatan newspaper. Those are making profit because people every day buy it. 19)The establishment of factories, even if related to agricultural investment, and the undertaking of construction and manufacture.

Nassej Oman factory. Ali Al-Shaihani factories. Through that companies for factories take money from people. 20)Activities related to building and construction and to altering, renovating and demolishing buildings. Bahawan engineering. Gulf engineering ; construction. People doing contract with thus company for building and construction renovating and demolishing building. 21)All activities related to maritime and air navigation also included as commercial activities. Salalah port. Sultan Qaboos port. Those make profit when people want to exported product they give money through change.