The IT Strategic Plan is a visionary approach which will assist with various measurable advances which will progress the company towards our key Annihilates and strategic goals over a modest two-year time frame. Return on Investment (ROI): ; Standardize processes to increase revenue by 5%.

Operations and standardization to reduce IT operating costs by 10%. The use and benefits of specialty databases within the organization can help streamline the business processes. Accurate and relevant data is critical to the success the organizations sales and marketing efforts.To maximize return on investment, using and analyzing the organizations data will help reach the customers and prospects cost effectively and efficiently.

Data Warehouse Spatial Relational Distributed Specialty SQL concepts relative to spatial and temporal databases ; SQL defines several functions to get the current date and time. ; SQL allows comparison operations on all the types of data and it allows both arithmetic and comparison operations on the various numeric types. ; SQL also provides a data type called interval, and allows computations based on dates and times and on intervals. The role of a database is crucial in any business. The internet has become very important for small and big companies to maintain their online presence.

; Businesses database software is an important part in the suitable performance of businesses. The designing method of their database determines how the company's data and information are stored, retrieved, and how queries are run. Description of the information retrieval process in relations to the specialized databases system. An object is an entity that is represented by information in a database. User queries are matched against the database information.

; For effectively retrieving relevant documents by IR strategies, documents are ransomed into a suitable representation. Differences between Online Transaction Processing (ALTO) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) ; ALTO (On-line Transaction Processing) is detailed and current data, and schema used to store transactional databases is the entity model (usually INFO). OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) is characterized by relatively low volume of transactions. Define knowledge management and how it's used within our organization ; Knowledge Management is the management framework (Roles and Accountabilities, Processes, Technologies and Governance) that a company puts n place to maximize the value and application of their knowledge, and provides a managed approach to building, developing and retaining know-how, in service of business goals.Conclusion ; We are assured that these, as outlined and with customization to meet our needs, improvements will not only improve the company's production but create an environment of forward thinking innovation and money-saving future advancement. ; These changes are key to our standard production bottom line as well as an increase in revenue.

This team recommends that these changes be implemented as soon as practicable.