Smoking: an addictive disease.

Introduction: In some way, we all know smoking is an addiction that people now in days is practicing a lot. Somehow people are consent that smoking is very dangerous for every one and should be banned. Development: Smoking is a very bad habit that people is making like if it was something normal, and it is not. Smokers think that it is not as dangerous as everyone says, but they still knowing that make terrible problems to all our body.In some way smokers use the cigar to relax themselves and that is a positive thing, but here are much more negative things when smoking, it may cause respiratory diseases and cancer.

Another thing that is very bad from smoking is that also affects to the non-smokers. The nicotine that is inside the cigar makes it so addictive, and that's why is so difficult to people quit smoking.In personal comments, I smoke almost every weekend, the reason is that I like the flavor or taste of the tobacco and it really makes me to relax. In the other hand almost all my friends also smoke, so I'm kind of surrounded from people who smoke. I began to smoke when I was 16 years old with some friends in a party, and I was curious of trying that weird thing that some bigger friends where taking, so there is where my addiction begun.I have tried so many times to quitting, but every time I started I failed.

I start every Monday saying I'm not going to smoke anymore, but when weekend arrives I failed. I think people continue smoking perhaps they know that is dangerous, because it's like something you are used to do, so they continue doing it, and the ones who Just started are the majority teenagers, ND they start because they want to look like seniors, or because they want to try what it feels to smoke.I don't think smoking is an addiction, because when I go with my parent's to trips or Just stay with them in my house, I do not smoke, and I don't really fill the necessity to do it, it's more like people is used to have a cigar on his hand, so they continue doing it. Smoking is called as an addiction such as Gambling, Shopping, Videotapes, Sex, Eating, and that is because people who do it a lot, can't top it.I think is people's own choice to decide to smoke or not, because they are already adults to decide what to do, inclusively if it is bad.

I think it is not government responsibility to make people stop smoking, they have some laws and they are very good as they are in my opinion. So it is not necessary making smoking or cigar illegal. The department of health should run more effective anti-smoking campaigns, Just to make all people know that it's a bad thing, but it is people's decision doing it or not.In other hand tobacco industries are not involve in the problem. They are Just making their Job and it is the decision to smokers buying it or not, so they can't do anything to stop smokers.

Conclusion: In conclusion tobacco smoking is harmful not only to smokers but also the ones that are around them. In long term smoking leads people to develop health problems like hearth disease, and respiratory. Inclusively that I know this entire thing I really like to do it and maybe I will stop doing it in some few years.