I began by taking the Personality Type Test. I received the label of ENFJ. It placed me at 60% Extroverted, 53% Intuitive, 73% Feeler, and 67% Judger. I very much agree with my emotion type being labeled extroverted. I often find myself rejuvenated when around others, and a key point on this scale is that you draw energy from others and then direct emotions and energy outward. I always put my effort into helping others and doing what I can for the things and people around me. For information gathering, I was placed into the Intuitive category. I also think this is accurate. Strengths of this type of information gathering are the ability to grasp the big picture and ask why. People in this category value knowledge, and are often referred to with words such as inventive, creative, insightful, and imaginative. In my opinion, these words do a good job of describing parts of my character. The biggest reason I agree with my placement in the intuitive category is because of the major weakness, which is that they may have their heads in the clouds when tasks require a more practical , hands-on approach. I often find myself having trouble with this very same obstacle. The next branch of the personality type test is decision making. I was categorized as a Feeler. These people are ruled allow their hearts to rule rather than their heads. They can try to understand all points of view but may overextend selves to meet other’s needs. I constantly find myself overextending to help someone else out. It doesn’t matter if they would do the same for me. I am very tender-hearted, emotional, and caring, which is why I match up to the Feeler. The last test is one on temporal and structural orientation. In this I scored in the range of a Judger. This labels me as organized, controlled, and decisive. It means I would make a wonderful manager because of my ability to delegate and follow through. I am also decisive and good at finding a solution to long standing problems, which is common of Judgers. I also find myself similar to the weaknesses possessed by a Judger. The biggest weakness is rushing to judgment. There is also a tendency to be a control freak or have trouble adapting to a sudden change. Judgers have a hard time tolerating the free spirited ways of Perceivers. The results of this Personality Type test ranked my best career choices as 1)Pediatrician, 2) Chiropractor, and 3)Dietician and Nutrition. These are not what I plan on doing, but it is nice to know they are options. I believe the best option for me out of the top three is 3)Dietician and Nutrition. The second test was to see what the main interests of my personality were. My top interest area was Artistic. This means that my primary interest area has great appreciation for music, drama, writing, cooking, and visual art. Important things to artistic types are creative expression, social change, style, and independence. There are many words to describe this type of person such as: creative, non-conformist, expressive, and impulsive. These are all words I believe do a nice job of explaining characteristics of mine. In my spare time I generally listen to music, go to concerts, experiment with cooking, or take photographs, which are all typical hobbies of artistic types of people. I have always been “free-spirited and fiercely independent, rapt with emotion and eager to capture, document, and communicate the life experience”. This is very true for me, as my main goal in life is to become an accomplished author. My secondary interest area is social, which means I should thrive in assisting society and working with other people. It is important to these types to enrich the lives of people around them. They love making a difference in other people’s lives. They can be described as cheerful, warm, and generous. It does not necessarily mean they are patient. I can see how I fit into this category as things of this nature are very important to me. It is also clearly understandable why this is not my primary interest area. These things are of secondary importance to me when compared to artistic. Out of my top five jobs obtained from this test I would consider only the fifth, college professor of English language and literature. The skills test ranked my top choice as medical health services management. Second best is librarian, followed by optometrist, preceding education administrator for elementary or high school, and lastly audiologist. None of these careers are of particular interest to me although I believe I could find a place in medical health services management, but only if it was not required that I go to medical school. I am very squeamish and things of that nature are not for me. I was also scored on work values clusters. My highest score was a 4. 0 in Achievement, which means that I thrive upon seeing effects of my efforts directly. My next highest score was a 3. 8 in Working Conditions which means that I need to make sure my career will fit my personal working style. Thirdly I received a 3. 7 in Recognition, demonstrating that I value status and appreciate opportunities for advancement. Relationships comes in after recognition with a score of 2. 7, which means that I value friendly and supportive coworkers. Bringing in the fifth score is Independence with a 2. 3. This category stands for doing things on your own initiative. Last was my school for Support, which was a 1. 0. This shows that I don’t necessarily need fair management to do my best at work. I was fairly pleased with the majority of my results. They did a nice job of confirming some things I already know to be true of myself. I agreed very strongly with the personality and interest area testing results. The two of them were definitely like a generalized version of me, laid out on the screen. The Work Values Clusters did a great job of determining what kinds of things are the most important to me in a work situation, the least of these being need for support. While I agreed mostly with all the test results, I did not agree quite as strongly with the careers that I was matched up with. A vast amount of occupation possibilities were laid out to me during the course of this testing series. Of these, I am very interested in many and will consider what it takes to pursue the different options. A list of these possible occupations are: Counseling Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Lawyer, Judges, Protective Service, College English Professor, Dietician and Nutrition, and Director. I did not think the results I got from Career Match gave me an accurate picture of what I want to do with my degree. It did, however, show me a few different broad lists of possible careers I am fit for. I plan on researching these careers more in depth to find out if they are my perfect fitAlthough I did not already discover my dream job through this process, I can see how it is useful to have a thorough understanding of the jobs available, even if they are not what you plan to do. It has also given me a path of possibilities to investigate and find my perfect career match. I plan on taking advantage of some more on campus career planning tools now that I am on the right path and have a foot in the door. I will definitely be going to the Career Development Center to discuss your results with a career counselor sometime very soon!