The RSI co unites its commitment to fulfilling its mission to lead in the creation of vibrant musical expire nieces that the enlighten, educate, and entertain. (History, n. D.

) The RSI is celebrating its 80 anniversary and wants to reinforce the longevity of the organization by introducing their rich Rockford history into various music and performances for the 20142015 season and beyond. The RSI is also looking to create a closer tie to the Rockford community. The organizations' 80th anniversary needs to be leveraged in order to increase overall tick et sales.The long and harsh winter of 2013 2014 was a major challenge the RSI faced making it difficult to reach their revenue goals. Ticket sales were 50% lower than their budgeted goal as a result. A brief evaluation of the Rook's strengths and weaknesses has served as a foundation towards the strategic analysis and a marketing plan for this 80 anniversary celebration and the future of the organization.

The plan is to focus on bringing more awareness to the co immunity, the creating various ways to promote the 80 anniversary this season and increase overall ticket sales. Objectives:Create awareness in the community Leverage the longevity of the RSI in Rockford through public communications and pr nit material Research the rich history of the RSI to inform and educate the community the Develop ways to promote the 80 anniversary throughout the season Research cross promoting the RSI with other businesses in the Rockford area Develop unique ways to secure additional sponsors for the various programs and performances Conduct research and analysis to identify what has worked in the past for ticket sales , revenues, and program awareness Advertise the 80 anniversary to schools and other educational organizations in the area Increase ticket sales from $kick to $kick for the 20142015 season Measurements of Success: Increase single ticket sales Increase web presence Secure local business partners Identify core customer satisfaction and loyalty Timing We are estimating a one semester commitment to the development, launch and ongoing the marketing of this new initiative. We were able to begin September 4 by meeting with the Executive Director, Julie Thomas to discuss the marketing strategies and what the RSI Co's expectations are for this project. September 10 , we will be conducting a brief research on the community awareness of the RSI. They have started handing out brochures to schools and others in the community who in the past have not received the print materials. This should be the completed week ending September 10 September 17 , we will begin developing a full marketing plan for the RSI.

This is Justas the few days before their season starts on September 20 .September 25 , we will analyze what worked as a marketing strategy for the first show and identify opportunities to improve on these for the rest of the season. The main of cuss the Ewing the season finale on April 25 . We will also develop a survey for the community to help improve the awareness and the organization overall.

October 5th, complete research on how effective the website is at informing patrons and donors, both current and new. October 20 , will have developed a customer satisfaction survey and target at random, 30 percent of the patrons who have attended prior events. We will also review ticket sale s to gauge the effectiveness of the new marketing strategy.