For me as a single mother, life has been a big challenge because I need to balance my work as a full-time nurse assistant while also making sure that my children are well cared for. It is in this view that I decided that returning to school will not only provide me with an opportunity to further my career success but will also help me to earn extra income to sustain my family as a single parent. Given the fact that I have always been passionate with working with elderly patients in medical institutions, obtaining a college degree will enable me to handle such patients better than before and become aware of the modern or contemporary skills that are needed when caring for such people. My return to school 9 years later will thus enable me to become versed with technological advances in the medical health departments which were currently unavailable by the time I left school. In order to achieve my dream of returning to school 9 years later, I will definitely make changes in my work.

Some of the changes will directly be in my heavy work schedule and my family in general. As a result, I will have to relocate to a new State Greensboro, NC, as this will enable me to focus on my education while the children are in school. I will also have to talk with top management at my place of work so that my work schedule is adjusted to enable me to attend classes as I pursue my college degree. Since changes are inevitable in life, I will have to make positive changes in my life in order to ensure that my family is comfortable and also to enable me to pursue my dream of achieving a college degree 9 years after I left school.

My return to school is beneficial in that it will enable me to become a better provider not only for myself but for my children as well. By returning to school, I will also have a good opportunity of graduating and being granted a college degree which will also enable me to get promotion at my workplace because of a change in my educational level or status. Despite the fact that I need to return to school nine years after I left it, my ambition is bound to be met with some obstacles which I should struggle hard to overcome. Some of the obstacles include the fact that I will be required to balance my time between my work, my family, and my studies in college. Another obvious challenge that I will obviously encounter in my pursuit to get a college degree nine years after I left school is financial constraints. Given the fact that I had only been using my finances to budget for my family’s needs, I will now be forced to adjust my budget to reflect the new changes in order to cater for my educational needs.

The successful completion of my degree program will thus greatly depend on how efficiently I can address the challenges that may seem to impede my dream of achieving a college degree. In order to overcome the challenges that may hinder me from pursuing my college degree, I will have to come up with effective strategies to enable me succeed. In order to use my time wisely and efficiently, I will have to design or develop a timetable of how I will utilize my time. This will not only help me to be at the right place at the right time and doing the same thing, but will also enable me to manage my time wisely. In order to overcome the financial problems that I may encounter, I will borrow from my friends some finances which I may use to help me complete my studies. Overcoming these challenges will therefore enable me to achieve my dream of getting a college degree (Orwell, 2009).