Yoga for over a year and a half and it is one of my favorite retailers in Hong Kong. For the application of retailing concept, to be customer- oriented, Pure Yoga is trying to offer students the most-rewarding yoga experience with every visit, to satisfy the individual customer need by offering a wide variety of traditional yoga classes to customers (such as Hath, Stating and Meditation etc), and even dance classes. Furthermore, they also provide personalized Private Yoga classes to meet customers' special needs. Their longer operation hours can meet different customers' schedules as well (weekdays: from am - pm; weekend and public holidays: am - pm).

To keep customer satisfaction at a high level this can help the firm to maintain a long-term relationship with customers. Pure Yoga coordinates all efforts to maximize its business efficiency by providing a comfortable and tranquil ambiance in their studios; enough manpower for customer service (welcoming and helpful staff and maintenance of the hygiene of facilities (such as the staff will clean up the floor and yoga mats after each lesson). To be value-driven, in comparison with the other yoga course providers while the course fee of Pure Yoga is by far the most expensive, Pure Yoga provides more comfortable and extensive ambiance in their studios and more variety of courses than their competitors.They also provide some exclusive workshops (such as "Active Birth Workshop" for expectant mothers) or some with guest yoga masters from around the globe to give rewarding yoga experiences to the members. As a member I think it's worthwhile and fair to pay such a higher fee to enjoy those exclusive benefits. Currently Pure Yoga has a network of yoga studios across Asia, with prime locations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei.

One of their goals is to open more branches globally. In June 2008 and December 2009, they reached their goal and opened branches in New York. In addition, they aim to uphold their integrity as Sais's leading lifestyle brand.To reach this goal, Pure Yoga incorporates a strategy to provide the highest caliber of teaching (more than 140 teachers are certified and passionate, they are committed to the on-going development and education of their teachers) and purporting the customers by exclusive and premium facilities whilst offering a wide variety and higher quality yoga classes. There are two reasons that may lure me away from Pure Yoga to their competitors (for example, monogamy) - one is if some of my favorite teachers changed switched to monogamy, I may follow them to change the studio as well.