Its national headquarters is located in Berkshire and is a privately wend subsidiary of Telephonic with a customer base of 21 .

Million (mobile and when customers make key decisions about mobile phones and the networks they would like to use, they need details that make sense. They want to be aware of charges and tariffs before committing themselves. They will also want to make comparisons between themselves. Communication is the transfer of Information from the sender to the receiver. There are two main ways of sending Information verbal and no-verbal communication.Verbal communication involves people talking to one another.

Non-verbal contact may include visual and written material. Verbal communication is face to face whiles non-verbal communication may include visual and written material. Successful communication relies on Information been sent, received and understood. When there is an obstacle to this process, a barrier to communication is created. The 02 need to be in direct contact with its customers through verbal communication, it uses its stores or contact centers, this enables customers talk to the staff of 02 with regards to any Issues or questions they have.

Non-verbal communication carries a wide range of methods, these include visual elements such as adverts, 02 logo's, adverts in newspapers, TV and other media as well as the ass's image. Other forms of non-verbal communication include the sales and Information literature found In 02 shops across the I-J. Market Segmentation and Target Markets 1 OFF identifiable groups with the target of reaching each market segment". Furthermore Smith (1956), defines market segmentation as the division of a market into different groups of customers with distinctly similar needs and products and service requirements.