of various light and shadow forms and their interaction upon each other. -Possibly add color filters and a creative surface upon which these light forms are to be projected, creating a greater contrast and giving rise to many imaginative patterns and pseudo-three dimensional light sculpture. 3. Is a true three dimensional light sculpture actually possible using our current technology? Sure maybe with multi-million dollar real time holographic laser projection systems, but is it possible to create a compact photon form relying on using scrap parts and ingenuity? Would it have a definite projection surface, or could it be visualized in plain air space, maybe relying upon condensed carbon dioxide vapour in which to carve traces and impose visual phenomena upon? 4.A fiber optic (just thought of: possible sculpture title: "Fiber Optrix") sculpture, through which many different wavelengths of light could coarse, in either a steady or a variable frequency oscillation pulsed state. Could incorporate a fixed or variable speed motor to vary the rotation of the whole piece of work.

5. Robot head. Either purchase a department store styrofoam wig display head, or make one from clay? (probably too heavy for purpose, but could be hollow), or by wadding and taping newspapers into the form of a head.Then transform it through such methods as silver metallic spray paint or aluminum foil, to give it a metallic base, and adding found objects such as electronic junk to create a dazzling three-dimensional sort of surrealistic artwork.

Some of the electronics could be functional, and provide even more exciting visual, audible or kinetic effects. 6. A sound sculpture made by collecting various materials and objects that produce different sounds. The work could then be arranged as to be visually attractive, and could be sort of "played" by the viewer, somewhat like a music instrument, or could be electrically operated upon the viewer arranging some sort of built in puzzle that is a piece of the art.7.

"Self Recycling Energy Light" or something. Needs a better title, but could use the idea of a small light that draws its power from the current produced by a solar cell. The solar cell could be "generating" current from the light that was falling upon it from the lamp. So this is sort of a perpetual motion sculpture drawing upon an impossible concept.

Maybe incorporate something as to convince the viewers that it is really working. eg. When they cut off the light path from the light source to the solar cell with their hand, the light goes out. When they withdraw their hand, the light returns. But this kind of defeats the concept, as even the simplest theory of this would show that the light would require an external source to start up the process.Anyway, I'll spare the details, but the point of all this, is trying to brainstorm as many ideas for projects as I can, no matter how trivial or complex.

Then later, I can review them, and either discard them or build upon them to create a viable project design. 8. Some sort of novel supreme interface, where there is no physical sculpture at all, but merely a hookup that allows the viewer to connect themselves to it, and adjust the controls for maximum overall visual effect. Would provide visual phenomena without the use of photons as it directly stimulates the optic nerves via self-structured neural impulses coupled either inductively or conductively. Similar in theory to what researchers have call "flashing of the brain," in which we may thus produce intricate colour fractal like patterns in the form of phosphenes.

Maybe aid the work with a powerful audio soundtrack to assist in visualization of desired objects. This is probably the highest form of visual medium, because it paints extremely detailed pictures in your mind with your own imagination. 9. A sort of modified "Rubix Cube", with the six faces of the people in class pasted on each of the six sides.

Although this does not quite fit into the main theme, it has aspects of it, as it is certainly multifaceted, and allows interactive involvement as the viewer may pick up the sculpture and turn and rotate the columns and rows in each of the three dimensions.(See figure 3, attached) 10. The pictures of the six people in the art class transferred onto acetate or similar, so that they may be projected onto a screen through the use of an overhead projector. Now we have pictures one through six, and they may be layered down on the projection surface one at a time until they all are aligned with and over each other, thus showing a combined image of the six of us. Here many common physical characteristics blend, and we see what might just be the "average" student in our class.

As this idea is not very time consuming, it could be combined with idea nine as well as a possible third idea to create one project.11. This "Interactive Digital Sculpture" or IDS for short, relies on the effect of human body capacitance to vary the frequency of a tone as the user molds the mountain-like form of a putty-like substance. This incorporates a device similar to that made by RCA in the 1930's to produce eerie effects for movies and concerts.

I have thought about what substance to use inside the elastic form, so that it would be sort of like those stress buster nurd things you see in some stores now-a-days. I would want it to slowly creep back into its original form after handling. Several things came to mind as a filler, including: silicon, not unlike that used in breast implants, a mixture of cornstarch and water to form a colloidal suspension, play-do, to even mashed potatoes.Perhaps I shall settle with some form of putty as the others are either impractical in their cost, or they may rot. Although I know some art isn't made to last, maybe mine could only last the length of time it took the filler material to go bad. The attached sheets will enable you to visualize the final product.

12. This sculpture gives the illusion of a rotating ellipse around a cylindrical form. The mechanism is hidden from view through the usage of a clever backdrop, and the motor which controls the "fall rate" of the ellipse has a variable speed control. Refer to attached sheets.

13. A sort of "cyborg" robot form, constructed with mixed media. The materials intended to be utilized will include: circuit boards, chicken wire, wire, styrofoam, plastic, aluminum foil, paper, and anything else useful that I may find lying around. Some enamel and spray paints will also be applied in the finished product. This sculpture may or may not move, but most probably will include some aspect of electricity.

Refer to attached sheet. 14. A spherical or elliptical bottle filled with multicoloured undulating globular spheres, similar to that of a lava lamp of time past. In this modification to the original design, the globules will change color through the use of colour filters, and the light which provides illumination to the bottle will have a variable frequency rate from approximately one to sixty hertz. It should be noted that a frequency above about fifty-five hertz gives way to flicker fusion, and the lamp appears to be constantly on.Possibly an audible beat could accompany the light pulses.

15. A high-tech futuristic weapon, sort of like those constructed for use by the army corps in the movie "Aliens." Would be mixed media, including PVC piping to give the effect of the multi-barreled weapon. Now I know how to put those spent CO2 cartridges to good use.

Some silver and black spray paint would finish off its appearance, to look futuristic, but heavily used.