Both employees and employers need to make sure that they are fully aware of their surroundings and to make sure that they are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol while at work. Alongside personal conduct employees and employers need to make sure they take on personal action, they need to be able to action when needed and not wait for someone else to take control of a situation. As an employer one way they can make sure that the environment is secure and safe if by finding out the information i. . who is in charge of first aid where are the main health and safety concerns within the building and most importantly knowing who to contact when need to if there is a major issue.

Santander is an example of a company who made sure that security is top of the game, the reason for this is this company deals with thousands of customers account details may it be for credit cards or store cards, each member of staff are put through training which explains all about data protection and what to do and not to do.The ways in which staffs are told to deal with the accounts are as follows:- When contacting customer may it be from an outbound call or an inbound call all staff need to make sure that they advice the customers that calls may be recorded for future reference, then they must ask the customers security questions to make sure that they are speaking to the correct person (this can be hard as sometimes it is difficult to fully know if the person you are talking to is the correct person).Once this has been confirmed the employee can go on and explain to customer that they are in arrears and take payment to and note customers account, there are occasions when the payment system will not respond and the employees would have to write down the customers details on these occasions the customers would be aware and if they were happy information would be taken and imputed later on the information would then be placed in a specific bin which is collected one every week where all personal or private information is destroyed.Other things employees are told is when leaving the computer they need to make sure that they lock their screen this way no one is able to get a copy of any of the customers details, if the employee has any paper work laying around they also need to make sure that this is locked away if the information has any customers details on. Due to the amount if accounts that fall into arrears there are staff who mainly deal with the store cards and credit cards, these staff are aware not to talk about account holders details, when calling the customer they need to amek sure they complete security questions