Word Mastery Apprehensive- having awareness or knowledge of something Benign- showing kindness and gentleness Collusion- secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose Countenance- calm expression Divert- to turn from one course or use to another Glimmer- to appear indistinctly with a faintly luminous quality Goad- something that urges or stimulates into action Immune- marked by protection Lament- to express sorrow, mourning, or regret for often demonstratively Monotonous-uttered or sounded in one unvarying tone: dull Getting it Straight-Answer all of these questions.

Complete sentences Chapter 4 1. In the description of the pearl buyers, what do we find out about the market in Kino's village? The market is fixed. The buyers get together and set prices to cheat the village men. 2. What happened when Kino went to sell his pearl? The pearl buyer told him it was a curiosity, not a valuable pearl. He offered Kino 1,000 pesos. When Kino disagreed, three other buyers were brought in; each one said it was of little value. It is made obvious to the reader that the buyers had arranged their prices earlier. Kino says he will go to the capitol instead of dealing with these buyers. . Juan Tomas says to Kino, "You have defied not the pearl buyers, but the whole structure, the whole way of life. I am afraid for you. " What does he mean? No one of the village men had ever gone against the buyers. No one had "taken on city hall," so-to-speak. It was not Kino's place to try to do better. He was just a lowly village man; that was his station in life. Now, he was trying to improve his station and would have to have a major conflict in order to do so. Juan Tomas thinks this goes against the laws of nature and that bad things happen when you go against the laws of nature.

As I heard it put once, "Little fish don't eat big fish. " 4. Again at the end of the chapter, Juana wants to throw away the pearl because it is evil. What evil thing happened? Kino is attacked again. This time he is hurt worse than the first time. Chapter 5 1. Where did Juana go early in the morning? Juana tried to sneak out with the pearl to throw it away. 2. What did Kino do when he figured out where she went? He went after her, took the pearl away, and (in the process) beat and kicked Juana. 3. What happened to Kino up the beach through the brush line on the path? He was attacked again.

This time he was badly injured, and he killed a man. He thought he lost the pearl, but (ironically) Juana found it again in the path. 4. What happened to their hut while they were away? Someone had gone in searching for the pearl. It was a total wreck, and then someone set fire to it. 5. Why did they leave the village? They left the village because Kino had killed a man. They did not think that, given Kino's recent upsetting of authority, anyone would believe the man was killed in self-defense. Chapter 6 1. What "songs" does Kino hear on the first part of their journey?

He hears the music of the pearl and the quiet melody of the family. 2. What made the music of the pearl become "sinister in his ears, interwoven with the music of evil? " Kino looked at Coyotito's face. We assume that means he thought of the evil of the scorpion and his distrust of the doctor. 3. What happens to Coyotito? Coyotito cries. The tracker shoots towards the sound, towards the cave where Juana and Coyotito are hiding, and the shot hits and kills Coyotito. 4. What happens to the trackers? Kino kills the trackers. 5. What happens to Kino and Juana? They return to the village with their dead baby. 6.

What do they do with the pearl? They throw it away. 7. What does the return of Kino and Juana and their throwing away the pearl mean symbolically? It means that Kino has given up his dream, his hope for a better future for himself and his family. He has lost in his conflicts with man and nature. It appears as though Juan Tomas was right. Delving in- Answer all question in bold and choose any two to answer 1. Why does the music of the pearl change? The “Music of the pearl” changes when Kino thoughts and senses change about the pearl. 2. Why does Kino come to feel that he will lose his soul if he gives up the pearl?

Kino comes to feel that he will lose his soul if he gives up the pearl. Kino thinks the pearl is his soul. Kino has become so obsessed with the pearl that nothing else matters. His soul and faith is to making his dream come true, of moving in to a upper class and his son having an education. His soul –has the pearl to make his dream come true. It is all that holds him to life and hold his great future of his desire. 3. Why does Tomas help Kino? Tomas help Kino because he cares for Kino and his family. Tomas want to protect them from danger. Also Tomas want help put less stress for family with the entire stressful problem that has come.

Furthermore Tomas pity them for all going on. Lastly, it the culture to help your family member: who needs help. 4. Why does Juana feel the event s the following the pearl’s discovery may all have been an illusion? The pearl’s discovery may all have been an illusion. Juana understands the terrible cost of Kino's having found the Pearl of the World. For, it is an uncertain world in which they now live. The dream of a better life for his son using has become now only a dream that is dark, with evil hidden around them. But the pearl was thought to be all good didn’t come to the thought being bad.