Q.1Do you think that it is right to allow clay to believe that there is a pearl in the oyster? Ans:Clay is a poor innocent boy he wants money to put in and add for his disappeared father his father had left home a month ago Clay knew that the basic reason for his leaving home was money which was a constant cause of dispute between his fathers and mother. Harry’s effort to give the boy a hope of a pearl in the oyster is the virtuous act of human side of him perhaps no happiness could have been bought for three hundred dollars that Harry was going to give the boy he wanted the boy to enough money to do something to bring his father back to the family.

Q.2In your opinion why is the writer willing to by the pearl what has he received in return what does he mean by saying” As far as I am concerned the whole thing is pearl”? Ans:In my opinion the writer wants to help the little boy in his efforts to bring his father back he is certainly move to the quick after knowing all about the boy and his family for him the whole thing has given him such a rich experience of human emotional life that is worth three hundred dollars he pay for the oyster in fact seeing a small boy struggling so hard to shoulder the miseries of his family is in it self a pearl of human traits that is why the writer makes the statement “ as far as I am concerned the whole thing is pearl.

Q.3What has attracted Harry and other people to O.K.-By-the-Sea? Is it the kind of town that appeals to you? Do you think that it resembles an ideal town give reasons for your answer? Ans:Small in population and unimportant in any commercial sense this town is like a gem in the crowd of heart less city life the people are poor but honest and loving the family units are closely knitted though they have little means to earn their livelihood they have the wealth of contentment accordingly these are the attributes of the people of O.K.-By-the-Sea which has attracted Harry and other people to this town this is the kind of town that appeals to me a place where people posses such qualities as honesty love and sacrifice and I am sure that it will certainly appeals to every one no doubt this town is an ideal one to live in what does a person look for to live in when he wants peace of mind surely the answer is contentment of heart and soul and these things abound in such a town making it an ideal one.

Q.4Harry’s philosophy is take it easy kind. How does the philosophy appeal to you why or why not do you think that this philosophy works easier in small towns than in larger cities? Ans. Certainly the philosophy appeals to me because in its essence Harry’s philosophy is the demand that every soul makes for however the means employed to achieve it determines whether the person will end up a take it easy way of life or a tense and complex one in reality every person starts his struggle in life to achieve his goal but different people choose different means to achieve it most people think that by amassing wealth and power the can achieve their aim where as it is found in giving love to others and contentment of heart and soul well this philosophy does work easier in small towns than in big cities because the socioeconomic complexity of large cities involves a person so completely in it that the person soon forgets what he was essentially looking for and gets involve in something else.

Q.5In your opinion does the play reveals the authors view of life if so what is his view of life? AnsThe play reveals the author’s view of life it demonstrates the play writer’s un shaken faith in the basic goodness of human nature it mirror’s his attitude towards simple small town people whose loving nature honesty and passion for sacrifice never fail to fascinate him the author’s view of life is no different then that of Harry’s take it easy way the play write believes in the unending possibilities of life and the people who play apart in it the real thing is to led a tension free relaxed and peaceful life.

Q.6Would you call this play one of action why or why not how would you describe the play to a friend? AnsThe oyster and the pearl is not an action play but a sentimental comedy it has something of humor in it through out this reading the reader find some bubble of emotion rushing into his heart giving him warmth of feelings at certain points such as clay struggle to bring his lost father home Clark Lara bee’s giving hard earn thirty dollars to Harry for his family Harry’s generosity to put a pearl in the oyster and the writer’s buying the unopened oyster we as reader become extremely emotional and sentimental I would describe than plays as a mirror to the real human nature it provides a strong reason for those who believe in the goodness of human nature

Q.7Do you think this would be a good play to produce why or why not? AnsYes I do think this play would be a good to produce any thing that successfully enables the viewer to find what real human is worth producing for them to witness another quality of the play is that it compares and contrast big city with that of small town with out the mention or any reference to any big city besides without moralizing any thing certain objective it sends home a moral to readers or viewers that is the real and pure happiness lies in loving sacrificing and honesty.

Symbolism in “The Oyster and the Pearl”

In William Saroyan’s play The Oyster and the Pearl there is a lot of symbolism. The theme of the play is to take it easy and relax and life will be much happier. Harry Van Dusen is a barber that has a philosophy of “Take it Easy”. He tries to spread his philosophy by talking to people when he is cutting their hair. It was almost as if the haircuts were just a way of getting people in barbershop to talk. The hats that Harry wore symbolized the attitude that he was in.

The sea symbolizes life. The names of the small town that the story takes place in is called O.K-by-the-Sea. That name symbolizes that life isn’t perfect but by taking it easy it can be more fun. Vivian McCutcheon is a new school teacher that does everything “by the book.” She just tries to fit in. This symbolized by her wanting a poodle haircut. She didn’t really want one but she was trying to be like everyone else. Harry Knew this and that is why he would not give her the haircut. Harry’s philosophy of fitting in. this is shown by how much happier Harry and everyone else that lives by his philosophy is than Vivian. All the little things in the story have symbolism too.

The bottle of sea water stands for the details of life that have to be looked for. Clay and Clark Larabee symbolize the problem and difficulties that occur in life. Two of the most important symbols in the story are the oyster and the pearl. The oyster symbolizes obstacles that must be overcome to get to hope (the pearl). Beach combing represent looking for the obstacles to get to hope. The pearl is hope.

When clay found the oyster he thought there was a pearl inside. Everyone except Harry told him there was nothing inside of the oyster. Harry probably knew there wasn’t anything inside of the oyster but he wanted to make Clay happy. The ouster and the pearl is filled with symbolism. Much of it I did not recognize. Taking it easy and relaxing is a great philosophy to have because life will be a lot easier not worrying about material things. Happiness is all a person need.