The organizational design depends on the objectives and strategy of the organization. In a centralized structure the top layer of management has most of the decision- making power and has tight control over departments and divisions. In a decentralized structure the decision making power is distributed and the departments and divisions may have a different degree of independence (Objectifications, 2013). In an organization there should be a common vision and set of values.

Employees should be striving to for fill the organization's vision (Libber, 2013). The organization has policies and procedures In place to for fill the organization values. Employees are held accountable for following these policies and procedures. My organization is a centralized operation. All decisions are made by upper management. The size of this organization limits the manager's freedom in decision making.

The managers' decisions are subject to review at several levels, and more decisions are imposed from the hierarchy. Also my organization is open to innovation.The manager is permitted to undertake activities to improve the organization as long as they fall within the guidelines set by the hierarchy (Labeler, 2013). The organization uses the human relations approach.

The needs of the employee are important. It is understood that the worker's productivity is enhanced when his needs are recognized. For example something as simple as helping the employees balance work and life. It has been my experience that if an employee knows they will have the family time that he or she needs they work harder and be more productive.

The health care industry Is a growing area. The organization that I am employed by is the largest retailer on the planet. This organization has a health and wellness division. The health and wellness dolls Is growing. The division consist of Optical, Pharmacy, Hearing Center, and Minute clinics. The health and wellness division promotes good health through a few different programs.

There are monthly health events free to the customers. There are screenings for diabetes, blood pressure, vision, hearing, just, to name a few.There is also a living healthy gained, that has health tips In It The organization Is into health care, It has to protect the customer's personal Information. There are many polices and procedures in place to protect the personal information of the customers. There are screen filters on our computer mentions, information can only be seen if you are right in front of the computer. Anything we throw away with the customer's information on it has to be shredded.

These are all HAIFA regulations. My organization follows these regulations to the letter.There are major fines for non- compliance. The organization also has polices that would allow for dillydally action up to resource approach, and the polices and procedures put in place, all are important in for filling the organization's vision.

The vision is threefold. Respect for the individual, strive for excellence, and service to the customer. My organization was built on these three things. Everything that happens in this organization these three things are always considered. There is much more to be accountable for than in the past.So much is done on the computer one has to make sure information is protected.

Also cause health care is a growing division there more work to be done. I myself have been assigned more tasks. I am an Optician, but I am also responsible for building the customer base for optical and the hearing aid center. I am held accountable for introducing 20 new customers to the optical and hearing aid center.

At the end of the week, I have to tally up and give an exploitation of what I did to accomplish the task. I am also held accountable for my average eyeglass sale, it has to be two- hundred dollars or more.The management team, and the compliance team are on instant watch to make sure policies and procedures are followed, if they are not the employee will be accountable, and face coaching or termination. The centralized organization design allows upper management control over all major decisions. The human resources approach allows the organization to show the employees that they are appreciated, therefore they are more productive. Decisions made will stay in line with the organization's vision.

The three basic beliefs are what the organization is built on, Respect for the individual, Strive for excellence and Service to the customer.All employees are held accountable for all policies and procedures. Holding the employees accountable is a major factor in for filling the organization's vision. A healthy and effective organization is one that grows and evolves in response to both external and internal pressures and opportunities.