Organ donation, at the present time, has become an increasingly vital part in our modern society, which meanwhile, attracts a large number of people’s attention. When people die, organ donation should be mandatory which has been proven to be highly controversial. Therefore, some people point out that organ donation should be compulsory, whilst the rest hold such a view that organ donation should depend on only owners’ will. This essay will explore whether it should be or should not be mandatory for everyone to donate one of their organs when they die.

First of all, some claim that organ donation should be compulsory that brings considerable benefits to many people. On the one hand, there are not enough organs for patients who need organ transplantation to save their life. So, many people died caused by insufficient organ donations. If so, it can solve the lack of organs. On the other hand, many people are spending exorbitant amount of money to buy organs via black market merchants or from other illicit media.It leads to the highly rates of crime.

Only if organ donation is mandatory, people can obtain organ from the legal way and also can reduce the crime rates. However, supported by some other people, the argument that organ donation should not be compulsory also carries numerous merits. Firstly, keeping the body in one piece can be found as a religious or superstitious believes among several dominating civilizations or countries until today.Because everyone has their own conviction that erasing the inalienable human right--- the autonomy to choose their own properties, which is boosting the developments of our human societies, cannot be arbitrarily denied by the needs of some particular people. Secondly, huge amount of organs derived from dead people will definitely require tremendously cutting-edge technology, such as reservation spaces and transportation skills.

These organs might be wasted if everyone dead people donates their organs.Last but not least, the rich can still get better organs whilst the impoverished get the inferior, which cannot solve the discrimination problem and wealth gap as this term not being enacted before. All things considered, it can be concluded that I believe organ donation should remain a choice. I definitely support organ donation because there is no greater gift than giving the gift of life. In a nutshell, this problem needs to be further discussed by a country by country situation.