A creative integrated information processing, through the lines, symbols, Numbers, color and so on the product show In front of people.

It will be a person off particular purpose or need Into a specific physical or tools, the process of planning, planning Ideas, problem solving, to Introduce a method, through specific carrier, expressed In the form of good. The Importance of Product design A successful design should meet the various requirements.These requirements, with the development of the society, the product function, quality, benefit, also have use demands or manufacturing process. Some people think that product to be practical, therefore, the design product is first and foremost function, followed by shape: And some people think that design should be rich and colorful, whimsical, and make a person feel very interesting. Design personnel should synthetically consider these requirements.The following these aspects of the specific acquirement in great detail: 1 .

Adapting the requirements of the social developments. 2. Satisfied the economic efficiency requirements. 3.

Operation requirements. 4. Meeting manufacturing process requirements. By the way,new products and services are the lifeblood of an organization. Designs can provide a competitive edge by bring new ideas to the market quickly.

Doing a better job of satisfying customer needs,or being easier to manufacture,use,and repair.The Consideration of product designs The design process begins with understanding the customer and actively Identifying customer needs. Lades for new products or Improvements to existing products can be generated from many sources,lunging a company's own R department, customer complaints or suggestions,and so on. The process of designing,firstly a company should make Idea generation of their products from customers,they also need to know the requirements of the marketing, competitors, and cost of technologies.

Secondly,according to the contract review form conclusions,doling the feasibility study which consists of a market analyses,an economic analyses,and a technical or strategic analyses. Deathly,making style,which means how the product will look. Len addition,it should be considered what function of the products which means how the product will perform. Then the reliability of products that the probability that a product will perform its intended function for a specified period of time.