The following is my assessment of the project:

That when developing the project care was never taken to read carefully the set objectives and whether or not they were being met. As a result only two of them were met which indicated there was a need to overhaul the system. None the less expansion continued as if nothing was wrong.

Modern development tools like prototyping were never used properly. System users were never involved in the development as the project was only handled by the experts. As a result serious mistakes were never detected let alone being solved in time. The size of the project needed the use of modern networking hardware, fast enough to cope with the heavy traffic created by the over 650,000 users. Instead of replacing the obsolete old hardware with the new ones the project continued to build on them which created more disaster.

The monitoring process was never put into use as the Navy personnel who appeared to have vested interest in the project kept on defending it rather than bringing correcting and useful comments during the development process. They only focused on being able to provide some service whether that service was reliable or dependable was never the issue was never an issue. The Navy system is normally classified as critical and needs special methods  to minimize and tolerate some faults during its development. Such methods were never used. For example reliability, safety and security assessments were never done. Performance tests were never carried even though it was clearly known such tests were mandatory. The programming languages used were never compatible with modern  distributed operating systems. There was need to use Object Oriented Systems to enhance later modification compatibility



Purpose of the Document

This document is prepared for use by the following people and for the following purposes:

User Name Why need the Document System Customers Check if needs are met and specify any changes that may be required Managers/ Officers To plan for the system bid and its development System Engineers To Know and be guided on what system to develop System test engineers To develop validation tests System Maintenance Engineers To understand the system parts and its totality Scope of the Product

This system is meant to be used by the current air force staff and it will take into account their current number and the projected number in the year 2030..

It will use the most current network technology including their topologies, transmission media, and distributed operating system architecture.

System Overview

Why use networks

To allow for efficient sharing and use of computer resources

To facilitate efficient dissemination of messages, notices to air force staff

To provide connectivity to other armed forces and air force personnel in US

To research and read widely about events taking place in US, and outside world. In particular those that are a threat to the US

To perform trade and other commercial activities

The connectivity and expected workload

Ethernet products will be used due to its simplicity and widespread use

Fiber optics cables will provide major connectivity

Wireless hone technology will be used

Expected Achievements and Failures

All the cited failures in the NMCI project will be avoided, specifically:

The integrated system life cycle will be used which is proper fact finding, system design, system implementation through prototyping, system integration and testing; system parallel operation, evaluation and maintenance.

User involvement at all levels of system development

User training through in house training programs; seminars and workshop attendance

System Constraints

The major constraint will be lack of awareness on the part of users . Computer technology is changing very rapidly and the organization will be properly informed and well prepared to accept such changes as inevitable.

Methods and Procedures

Network Models Used

System Anticipated Evolutions




Internet as given from NMCI system namely: Ian Summerville : Software Engineering