I          Introduction A. “Innocence is bliss” as they say. B.  This day I will open to all of you the chapter of my life that is called early childhood. C.  I will reiterate the story of my childhood days, when life is simpler and carefree. II         Body A.    My life as a young boy was a happy and satisfied chapter 1.      My cousins were my playmates and we’d play along in our backyard. 2.      My parents gave me all the things that I needed the most; shelter, love and care. 3.      Although I was pampered, I was not a spoiled child; my parents briefed me with the good morals even as a child. Transition: Now that I have told you about my earlier days, I will now tell you my early school days. A.    The thought of going to school was my biggest dilemma then. 1.      My first day in school was a mess, I was nervous then because I don’t know what to do. 2.      To gain new friends, I befriended my classmates. We got along well at school and even outside the school. 3.      Although my friends are not perfect I have loved them for what they are. III       Conclusion A.    Today I have talked about my childhood days 1.      I talked about my early days when I was still a child; merely a toddler. 2.      Secondly, I told the story of my early education experiences. B.     Although things are not perfect I still enjoyed those early childhood days. C.     So whenever you hear me saying “innocence is bliss” you would know that childhood days are the most significant chapter of my life because I had the freedom and I was carefree then. Works Cited