One of the most primary environmental issues today is the conservation of biodiversity. Many factors threaten the world’s biological heritage such as habitat alteration, introducing exotic species, pollution, rapid growth of population, and over-consumption of various life form. Concern about global biodiversity loss has emerged as a major and widespread public issue. The natural environment provides many benefits to human life. The Earth provide a wealth of services to the different life form — providing us with air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat, as well as materials to use in our daily lives and natural beauty to enjoy.

The ecosystem with the complex environment that composes of variety of plants and animals is tend to be more stable. A highly diverse ecosystem is a sign of a healthy system. In addition, biodiversity is the indicator of the overall health of our planet. Since all the living world relies on the natural environment, especially us, it is in our best interests and the interests of future generations to conserve biodiversity and our resources.

These benefits and services that can be derived from environment are; it will maintain the soil, water and air quality, so that the wellbeing of all living things will become healthy. In addition, it control pests and diseases, decomposition of wastes, it regulate climate and prevention of natural disaster. Furthermore, it provides wide variety food and medication, spiritual and culture value. We must understand that humans and the natural environment are interdependent and interact with each other in various ways.

In managing our impacts, we consider those interrelationships and the functions ecosystems perform in supporting sustainable economic development. Still, some people did not disagree the point that some species have become extinct, with no noticeable effect on the environment. However, the Earth's systems are so complex that we are still learning about environmental processes and resources and the roles they play. It's important to understand that environments are constantly changing. A healthy, robust environment evolves and adapts to naturally changing conditions.

It is fascinating to observe the far-reaching effects even small changes can make and the importance of genetic diversity for species to adapt, survive and evolve. As a student, I can contribute in conserving biodiversity to maintain these benefits and services provided by ecosystem. We can start some activities to raise awareness of the importance of conserving biodiversity, participate in the development of policy that can affect the biodiversity, working with different organization that can make positive contribution in conservation of biodiversity in such areas.

By these simple mean, we can help to protect the threaten species and also we can contribute for the maintenance of a balance ecosystem. Preservation of biodiversity is not necessarily about preserving everything currently in existence. It’s about living harmoniously on Earth on a balance of respecting the natural changes that occur and of protecting various species and environments from uncontrolled extinction and destruction.