One such activity that man can monitor and intro through technology is corruption. Corruption is a deep rooted social evil in our country. From the common man to the administrators all are subjects of this anti social activity. Rightful place of wealth is which is supposed to go towards development of society is diverted by some individuals to meet their desire for wealth for fulfillment of personal needs. Technology can help but the mind set of the people should change.

You must be thinking while I am here to talk about how technology will help in curbing corruption but I am talking about changing mind set of people. Studies reveal that close monitoring and timely correction of individuals behavior can bring positive change. Yes! What you are thinking is right! Cameras can be placed in the work environments to monitor correct behavior. We require this technology to be installed especially where the key responsible authorities work in our country at all levels of government.We need to curb this from grass root level.

Secondly, for the transparency purpose, uploading the Information on the internet for public usage. For your information friends there is an act called "right to information act" 2005 As per this act every Indian citizen has right to have public information. Making people accountable for their respective Jobs . Now the question is how can we make people accountable using technology??? E governance..

... Is the buzz word...

....Which our respected Prime minister Shari Neared Mood J is implementing in India. We should have integrated systems to view the work done by various departments in the organizations.

Banks and markets dealing with substitutes of money or goods should have integrated systems so that NY unusual behavior of the customer or trader is notified and kept under control. Need of the hour is to question the authorities if any corruption is prevailing in a particular department.Every Indian citizen should use the technology to help society build a corruption less society. If you encounter any such incident , report to the authorities and provide evidence by using your cell phone voice recorder, cell phone cameras etc. Julian Ganges has created sensation in the world through wick leaks by providing evidences against US government Farmer with passion and dedication rows crops, does he leave the weeds along his payday field.

.. No he weeds it out..

. ......